National Park Service History Collection RG 18

Preliminary inventory


Most of this material came from the WASO Bicentennial Office (HFCA-00592) and the HFC Bicentennial office (HFCA-00593) on October 18, 1976. Some material came from the parks, especially newspaper clippings. The major Bicentennial activities reflected in these papers took place in 1975-1976. Most concern the two special events, the traveling shows "People of '76" and "Little Look Around" that were Servicewide contributions to the celebration. Later material dealing with the Bicentennial Reports was transferred from the Denver Service Center (HFCA-00797).

Background information

There were several facets to the United States' celebration of the Bicentennial of its independence. The American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, appointed by the President, coordinated the celebrations in the states and the overall Federal celebration focusing on Washington, D. C., July 4, 1976. Each state also had a Bicentennial Commission for activities in that state. The NPS activities were coordinated from the WASO Bicentennial Office under Ben Butterfield. The Revolutionary War parks, Independence, and other selected areas were designated as Official Bicentennial Sites and received special emphasis. In addition, every park had a Bicentennial celebration/activity of some sort. Three Servicewide activities from the HFC Bicentennial Office under William L. Brown, 111, were reproduction of cannon for the Revolutionary War parks and the two traveling shows - "People of '76" and "Little Look Around." These outdoor plays had a trial run in 1975 and then were presented in Park Service areas in 1976 by several traveling companies.


Along with the papers, there are slides, tapes, films, interpreter's kits and scrapbooks, 9 bound photocopied volumes, 7 paperbound books, and over 40 notebooks. The books and notebooks comprise the first group and the audio-visual material makes up the last group. The papers have been divided into four groups according to office of origin - WASO, HFC, DSC, and a fourth category for "General."

"Group 1 - Books and Notebooks" has been divided into three series: I - Bound Volumes, II - Paperbound Books, III - Notebooks. The audio-visual material, Group 6, has been left undivided.

"Group 2 – WASO includes eight record boxes and one archival box. Almost all files were labeled, and were easily arranged into the following 14 series: I - Administration, II - Agency, III - ARBC, IV - Areas, V - Art, VI - Correspondence and Dailies, VII - Development, VIII- Information, IX - Media, X - Miscellaneous, XI - Other, XII - Programs, XIII - Projects, and XIV - Visitor Activities/Visitation.

"Group 3 – HFC" includes two record boxes, two archival boxes, a half archival box and two expanding folders. This material was unlabeled and formed into eleven series: I - Little Look Around, II - People of '76, III - Living History, IV - Planning, V - Reports: Activities and Events, VI - Graphics, VII - Minority, VIII - Specific Special Programs, IX - Proposals and Drafts, X - Publicity and Articles, and XI - Individual Files.

"Group 4 – DSC" are housed in two record boxes and one archive box. This series has been arranged into the following series: I – American Revolution Bicentennial Book, 11 - Construction, III - Areas, IV - BAG, V - Programs, VI - Coordination, and VII - Reports. Similarly most of the material making up Group 5 - General is Series I - Reports in this case. The other Group 5 series are II - Correspondence, III - Survey and Plans, IV - Traveling Shows, V - Exhibits and Events, and VI - Publications and Articles. It has been put into one record box plus an expanding folder. Another box dealing with the Bicentennial but marked 73-17 (HFCA-00175)has been placed into Series VII - Planning Areas.

(These series are cited as follows: 4-III refers to Group 4, series III)


There are archival material, slides, tapes, films, kits, and paperbound books in the archives. The photographic collection contains other slides and photographs pertaining to the Bicentennial. The museum collection includes some artifacts used during the Bicentennial. The oral history collection contains transcripts of the extensive Independence Bicentennial project as well as tapes that may cover the Bicentennial era. There are the Director's and Regional Staff Meeting Minutes from 1974-76 (and later) along with the Director's Annual Reports and the Superintendents' Annual Reports from 1974 and 1975. Other material may be dispersed throughout the collection and in the HFC Library but are difficult to identify without the original accession information.

Folder List

Group I - Books and Notebooks

Series I - Bound Volumes, Photocopied

NPS Bicentennial Daybook - January-April 1774

NPS Bicentennial Daybook - May-August 1774

NPS Bicentennial Daybook - September-December 1774

NPS Bicentennial Daybook - January-April 1775

NPS Bicentennial Daybook - May-August 1775

NPS Bicentennial Daybook - September-December 1775

NPS Bicentennial Daybook - January-April 1776

NPS Bicentennial Daybook - May-August 1776

NPS Bicentennial Daybook - September-December 1776

Series II - Paperbound Books

Comprehensive Calendar of Bicentennial Events -June 1975

Comprehensive Calendar of Bicentennial Events -October 1975

Comprehensive Calendar of Bicentennial Events -February 1976 West

Comprehensive Calendar of Bicentennial Events -June 1976 East

Comprehensive Calendar of Bicentennial Events -June 1976 West

Official Master Register of Bicentennial Activities, 4th edition, January 1975

Master Register of Bicentennial Projects, February 1976

Series III - Notebooks

A. WASO & General

Final Bicentennial Report, 1975-76

Traveling Presentation - "We've Come Back For A Little Look Around," Southern Tour, 5/1-7/23/76, Book 2

Traveling Presentation - "We've Come Back For A Little Look Around," Southern Tour, 5/1-7/23/76, Book I

Living History Presentation - "People of '76," June 22 through September 12, 1976

"People of '76" and "Little Look Around" (unlabeled)

Traveling Presentations - Southern Tour, May-June 25, 1975 Pilot to 1976 Tour

Traveling Presentation Northern Tour -June 4-September 5

Schedules - "People of '76" and "Little Look Around"

MBO Activity Reports

Special Listing of Bicentennial Activities - FY75-FY77, by Subject and by Special Emphasis

Special Listing of Bicentennial Activities - FY75-FY77 by Regions

Bicentennial Activity by Type

NPS Bicentennial Activity by Region

FY76 Activity Description and Budget

The Federal Bicentennial Celebration, Independence NRP, 1974-1977 (unlabeled)

Original Report - America's Victory Celebration at Yorktown, 10-16-18/81 (unlabeled)

Bicentennial Interpretive Programs (unlabeled)

NPS Bicentennial Cultural Program

Bicentennial Memos, Summaries, Etc.

Briefing book - Bicentennial Overview

National Park Service Bicentennial Construction

Bicentennial Programs of States

Clippings (unlabeled)

Bicentennial Source Book

Bicentennial Vol. I contains ARBC Periodicals, Organization and Journal Papers of ARBC, 1966-73 (unlabeled)

1972 Bicentennial Briefing Material - Harlow Dean

Material from Regional Director's Meeting on Bicentennial, 10/9/74 (unlabeled)

HFC Bicentennial Planning Session - April 1975 (unlabeled)

John E. Cook, Associate Director, Park System Management Regional Director, Bicentennial Meeting

Funding Needs

February 1975 Status (unlabeled)



Reports to the White House - January 1974

Proposal - National Bicentennial Celebration, Walt Disney Corporation


Landmarks of Liberty - A Report of the American Revolutionary Bicentennial Development Program of the NPS by Merrill J. Mattes - August 27, 1976

Bicentennial Correspondence, DSC - May-August 1974

American Revolutionary Bicentennial Program

Unlabeled - Various Bicentennial Projects

Alphabetical listing of projects (unlabeled)

Project Photos notebooks

Group 2 - WASO

Series I - Administration

Administration - Action Plans

Administration - Budget FY 1975 (NPS)

Administration - Department Bicentennial Office

Administration - Grievance

Administration - Development, Status Reports

Administration - MBO (Reports and Correspondence) 1974-May 1975

Administration - MBO (Reports and Correspondence) (June 1975)

Administration - MBO (Reports and Correspondence) (July 1975 through December 1975)

Administration - Organization (NPS)

Administration - Operating Plan Presidential/Secretarial Object

Administration - Privacy Act Administration - Raw Data (Net and Gross Figures)

Administration - Records Report

Administration - State of the Parks Report

Administration - Travel (Guidelines, etc.)

Series II - Agencies/Offices/Commissions

Agency - Advisory Board of National Parks, Historic Sites, Buildings and Monuments

Agency - Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Agency - Afro-American Life and History Agency - American Express Foundation

Agency - American Public Works Association

Agency - ARBA (Bulletins, Newsletters, Publications, etc.)

Agency - ARBA Coordinators

Agency - ARBA Flag Agency - ARBA (Logo)

Agency - ARBA Horizons (booklet)

Agency - ARBA Programs, Proposals, Appropriations

Agency - ARBA National Conference

Agency - ARBA Heritage '76

Agency - ARBA Warner Designation of Sites

Agency - American Freedom Train Foundation

Agency - Amtrak

Agency - Army Bicentennial

Agency - Bicentennial Council of 13 Original States

Agency - Council of Governments

Agency - D. C. Bicentennial Commission

Agency - National Endowment for the Arts

Agency - National Endowment for the Humanities

Agency - National Park Foundation

Agency - National Recreation and Park Association (Conference)

Agency - National Trust for Historic Preservation

Agency - Northeast Regional Advisory Commission

Agency - Smithsonian

Agency - Survey NPS

Agency - Volunteer Groups

Agency - USIA

Agency - Video Alliance for the Performing Arts

Agency - White House Historical Association

White House - Press Release

Agency - White House (Bicentennial Committee) and Correspondence

Series III - ARBC

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission - Secretary's Study

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission - Employment

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission - Meetings

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission - Secretary's Study, Letters

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission - News Clippings

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission - Office

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission - Budget, Donations

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission – Persons Interested

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission - By-Laws

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission - Legislation

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission - Planning and Theme

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission – Proposed Projects

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission - Photographs

Series IV - Areas

Adams NHS

Colonial NPS (Jamestown and Yorktown)

Cowpens National Battlefield

Federal Hall National Memorial

Fort Moultrie NM

Fort Moultrie

Fort McHenry

Fort Necessity NB

Fort Stanwix NM

Fort Sumter

George Rogers Clark

George Washington BP

Guilford Court House

Hamilton Grange NM

Hopewell Village NHS

Independence - Publications, Pamphlets, Newsclippings, etc.

Independence - General (1973)

Independence - General (1974)

Independence - Bicentennial Bell

Independence - General (1975 and 19760

Kings Mountain NMP

Mid-Atlantic - General

Mid-Atlantic - Carpenter's Hall (Philadelphia)

Midwest - General

Midwest - Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Midwest - Action Plans

Minute Man

Minute Man Celebration

Moores Creek NMP

Morristown NHP

Mount Rushmore

North Atlantic - General

North Atlantic - Action Plans

Pacific - Seattle Opera

Pacific NW - General

Rocky Mountain - General

Rocky Mountain - Yellowstone

Salem Maritime NHS

Saratoga NHP

Southeast - Action Plan

Southeast - General

Southwest - General

SW Region - Chamizal

Washington - Carter Barron

Washington - Constitution Gardens

Washington - Fort Washington

Washington - Mall

Washington - NCP Campsites

Washington - NCP General Memos

Washington - National Visitor Center

Washington - NCP Programs, Etc. (General)

Smithsonian - Sites

Washington - Tourmobile

Washington - Wolf Trap Farm

Western - General

Western - Casa Grande Ruins

Western - Death Valley NM

Western - Golden Gate NRA

Western - Grand Canyon NP

Western - Organ Pipe Cactus NM

Western - Pinnacles NM

Denver Federal Center

Harpers Ferry [Center]- Status reports, General memos, Miscellaneous

Harpers Ferry [Center]- Films, Traveling Exhibits, Indian Pride,


Harpers Ferry Center

Series V - Art

Art - Artists in Parks

Art - Business Committee on the Arts

Art - Drama

Art - Departmental Bicentennial Program

Art - Films

Art - Franklin Roberts

Art - Medals

Art - Military Arts (Cannon)

Art - Music

Art - National Folk Festival

Art - Performing Arts

Art - Photography

Art - Sons of Liberty

Art - Stamps

Series VI - Correspondence and Dailies

A. Correspondence

Correspondence - ABC (American Broadcasting Company)

Correspondence - CBS Correspondence - Foreign

Correspondence - Interagency

Correspondence - Howard Johnson

Correspondence - Memos to the Regions

Correspondence - Washington Post

Correspondence - Public Correspondence, 1975

B. Dailies

Daily - January 1975-February 1975

Daily - March 1975-April 1975

Daily File - May 1975 to June 1975

Dailies - July-August 1975

Dailies - September-October 1975

Dailies - November-December 1975

Series VII - Development

A. General

Development - FY 75 Budget Cuts FY 76 - Program and Budget development

Development - Fiscal 1976 Programs

Development - Denver Service Center

Development - Harpers Ferry Center Development - Map

Development - Mid-Atlantic Region Development - NAR

Development - National Capital Parks

Development - Unobligated Construction

Development - Schedule Development - Servicewide

Development - Washington Old Hall, Great Britain

Development - Adams Development - C & 0 Canal

Development - Colonial Development - Colonial

Development - Constitution Gardens Development - Cowpens

Development - Fort Circle Park

Development - Fort McHenry

Development - Fort Moultrie

Development - Fort Necessity

Development - Fort Stanwix

Development - George Rogers Clark

Development - George Washington Birthplace

Development - Guilford Court House

Development - Hopewell Village

Development - Independence (also Kosciuzsko, Gloria Dei)

Development - Kosciuzsko

Development - Lincoln Home

Development - The Mall

Development - Minute Man

Development - Morristown

Development - National Visitor Center

Development - Salem Maritime

Development - Saratoga

Development - Washington Monument

Series VIII - Information

Information - Bicentennial Programs

Information - Bicentennial Programs

Information on Bicentennial Areas

Note folder - Information, Photos Postmasters and Bicentennial


Information - Independence Bicentennial Programs

Note folder - Concord 175 Bicentennial Programs

Information - Minute Man Bicentennial

Information - Bicentennial Programs, NC Region

Information - Bicentennial Programs, Northeast-Mid-Atlantic

Information - Bicentennial Programs, Midwest

Information - Bicentennial Programs, North Atlantic

Information - Bicentennial Programs, Pacific Northwest

Information - Bicentennial Programs, Rocky Mountain

Information - Bicentennial Programs, Southeast

Information - Bicentennial Programs, Southwest

Information - Bicentennial Program, Western

Information - Western Region Bicentennial Program

Series IX Media

Media Advertisements

Media Background Package

Media Daybook

Media Feature Articles

Media Newspapers (1974 and Earlier Clippings)

Media Newspapers (Clippings, 1975)

Media NPS Newsletter

Media Publications, NPS (Clippings)

Media Publications (Clippings) 1976

Media Publications, Other

Media Radio

Media Spot Announcements

Media - Television

Media - Television, Treatments

Series X - Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous - Bicentennial Photos

Miscellaneous - Briefing Statements

Miscellaneous - Cleaning Services

Miscellaneous - Certificate of Recognition

Miscellaneous - Conferences and Meetings

Miscellaneous - Chronology

Miscellaneous - Colonial Talent Bank

Miscellaneous - Combined Federal Campaign

Miscellaneous - Congressional Record

Miscellaneous - Continental Congress

Miscellaneous - Director's Speeches and Correspondence

Miscellaneous - Environmental Impact Statements

Miscellaneous - Food

Miscellaneous - Flags

Miscellaneous - GW Award Replicas

Miscellaneous - Germantown

Miscellaneous - Indian Related

Miscellaneous - Ken Rietz

Miscellaneous - Lists (Mailing and others)

Miscellaneous - Meetings (Regional Directors, October 9, 1974)

Miscellaneous - Originals

Miscellaneous - Originals (continued)

Miscellaneous - Photo of the Month (Bicentennial)

Miscellaneous - Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Miscellaneous - Special Events

Miscellaneous - Suggestions, Proposals, Ideas

Miscellaneous - Summary (Rev. 1/75)

Miscellaneous - Summary (original and Correspondence) Summary - 1973-1974

Miscellaneous - Theft

Miscellaneous - Training

Miscellaneous - Uniforms

Miscellaneous VIP Housing

Miscellaneous Writers, Free Lance

Series XI - Other

Notebook, Working File and Quarterly MBO Report, March and June 1976

Forms Management Catalog, May 1975

Forms, Requisitions, Personal Resumes

OMB Data Requests


Legislation - NPS

NPS - Visitation

NCP Bicentennial Activities

Note folder - Philadelphia 76, Independence Bicentennial Activities

Note folder - 76, American Revolutionary Bicentennial

Expanding folder marked Bicentennial

File folder - Independence Photos

Envelope - Bicentennial Photographs

Indian Pride Preview

"People" Preview - June 18, 1976


News Releases - "Little Look Around"

Program - "Little Look Around"

Note folder - Inventory Property "People of '76"

Heritage Days: The Black Perspective

Publication - The First Continental Congress

Publication - Canyon de Chelly

El Paso Bicentennial Plan

The Colonial Corridor Travel Implications for the Bicentennial Era - - Washington Center for Metro Study

July 4 Schedule

Queen Schedule

Note folder - State Visit to the U. S. of Valerie Gicard d'Estaing, French President, 5/17-22/76

Proposal - American Restoration Theatre Co., Inc.

Reports, Mainly Photos - Four Winds Theatre

Feasibility Study - NPS Interpretive Repertory Theatre

Hanging folders with 10 files - Steve Lewis' material, Actor's Equity, News Releases, Advisory Board Reception, April 5, 1976;

Information Kit - Congressman, Press Preview, Ellis Island, Fort Stanwix, Statue of Liberty, Completed Projects

Series XII - Programs

Programs - BAG (Minutes)

Programs - BAG

Programs - BAG Report (PARMS)

Programs - Bicentennial Ceremonies and Events

Programs - Bicentennial Fleet

Programs - Bikecentennial '76

Programs - Binet

Programs - Business/Corporate

Programs - Environmental Living Project

Programs - Fireworks

Programs - Four Cities Conference

Programs - Historic Preservation (Grants-in-Aid)

Programs - Indian Pride on the Move

Programs - Interama '

Programs - Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

Programs - People of '76

Programs - Philadelphia '76

Programs - Planning, Ideas and Development

Programs - Sea Ventures

Programs - Summer Intern Program

Programs - Task Force Program

Programs - Traveling, Living History Troupes

Programs - Volunteers in the Park

Programs - Wilderness Road

Projects - Calendar of Events, 1976

Programs - Calendar of Events, Correspondence 1975

Series XIII - Projects

Projects - Calendar of Events, Regions Replies and Drafts, 1975

Projects - Liberty Tree (General)

Projects - Liberty Tree (Correspondence)

Projects - Minority

Projects - Wagon Train

Projects - Wish List - Responses

Projects - Wish List Bicentennial

Projects - HFC, Traveling Exhibits, etc.

Series XIV - Visitor Activities/Visitation

Visitor Activities/Visitation - Concessions

Visitor Activities/Visitation - Foreign Visitation

Visitor Activities/Visitation - Interpretation

Visitor Activities/Visitation - Living History

Group 3 HFC

Series I "Little Look Around"

Videotape - "We've Come Back for a Little Look Around"

Commercial TV Video Tape - "We've Come Back for a Little Look Around

Memo - Scheduling for "Little Look Around"

Script - "We've Come Back for a Little Look Around"

Note folder - "A Little Look Around" questionnaires, memos

File folder - "Little Look Around" - news releases, PR reports, publicity material, etc.

File folder - Questionnaire, response

Notebook - Newsclippings, mainly photocopied "Little Look Around"

Newsclippings "Little Look Around" (unlabeled)

Photographs "Little Look Around"

Letters, publicity, photos, schedules - "Little Look Around"

"Little Look Around" - rehearsal script

Questionnaire, "Little Look Around" with memos

Magazine Temple - Temple University Alumni Review, Winter 1976 featuring article "A Not So Little Look Around" by Patrick J. Cronin (3 copies)

Fourth draft of script "We've Come Back for a Little Look Around"

Rehearsal script, 1975 pilot - "We've Come Back for a Little Look Around"

"We've Come Back for a Little Look Around" posters

"We've Come Back for a Little Look Around" advance kit, publicity

File folder - "Little Look Around," CORO, August 20, 1975 publicity, newsclippings, another folder CORO

Color photos - "Little Look Around"

Memos Feedback on "Little Look Around"

Series II "People of 176"

"People of '76" show tape

"People of '76" spare tape

Memo file - Feedback on "People of '76"

Blueprints for sets - "People of '76"

Notebook - schedule "People of '76"

Small white folders, Bicentennial HFC - Media, messages, budgets, and guidelines

Note folder - "People of '76" memos

Information Note Folder - photocopied newsclippings, "People of '76" with equal amount of photocopied newsclippings "People of '76" not in note folder

File folder - Script, revised on blue heavy paper, "People of '76" NPS note folder - "People of '76" publicity

NPS White note folder - "People of '76" publicity and pictures

Green note folder "People of '76" - 1975 pilot, publicity, schedules, etc.

Black notebook - Newsclippings, "People of '76"

File folder - "People of 1776", Western Region

Report folder - Newsclippings, "People of '76"

Report - "People of 176", Operations Plan

Report - "People of '76", Reservoir of dialogue

Report - "People of '76", revised scenario

Series III - Living History

Memo - Bicentennial Performing Groups

First Treatment - Narrative script for Bicentennial Living History, 6/21/74

First draft - Bicentennial Living History Touring Companies

Series IV - Planning

Transcript of Interior Department Bicentennial Presentation, 12/72 Material, reports, etc. - NPS American Revolutionary Bicentennial Program, 1972, 1973, and other early planning

Memo Summary of Bicentennial Plans, November 6. 1973

Series V Reports: Activities and Events

Bicentennial Quarterly Report - March 1975

Bicentennial Activities Report - October 1976

Special listing of Bicentennial Activities, FY75-FY77

NPS Bicentennial Program of Interpretation

NPS Bicentennial Events National Calendar of Bicentennial Events

Series VI - Graphics

File folder - Bicentennial on flags and posters Bicentennial Logo - Official Graphic Standards

Series VII - Minority

File folder - Dominguez-Escalante Expedition, 1976

Bicentennial Projects with Black Inclusion

Bicentennial Projects with Hispanic Inclusion

Bicentennial Projects with Native American Inclusion

Series VIII - Specific Special Programs

Bicentennial note folder - Maryland Bicentennial

Environmental Living Program at Pioneer Yosemite History Center

Series IX - Proposals and Drafts

First draft - America, Seventy-six

"The Other Side of Washington" - A Bicentennial film proposal

Series X - Publicity and Articles

Magazine Parks and Recreation, July 1976, Special Bicentennial issue

Travel magazine, July 1974 featuring article – "Bicentennial: A Prologue" by Robert H. Rufa and W. D. Wetherall, p. 44

76 note folders - Publicity material

Bicentennial (Expanding Folder)

Newspaper clippings - 2 folders - 1 William Brown, I Harpers Ferry Archives

Series XI - Individual Files

M. Sagan Bicentennial File - Archives Box

Expanding file folder labeled "Bicentennial" - on projects mainly contains green copies, memo correspondence file, 1976

Green copies - Memo correspondence file, marked 1974

Green copies - Memo correspondence file, marked 1973

Black ring notebook, indexed - Report on Special Bicentennial Projects, 1976

HFCA-00509 Archival Box - American Revolutionary Bicentennial (Alan Kent Files)

NPS Guide to the Historic Places of the American Revolution - review copy

Large unlabeled expanding folder - HFC Bicentennial

Expanding folder labeled - Bicentennial Material

William Brown's Material (Expanding Folder)

Steno notebook - Travel, etc., "People of '76"

Memo: Prototype Gun Carriage

Memo: Progress Report, Guns and Carriages - January 1976

Drawings - Uniform Accoutrements

Drawings and Report - First Maryland Regiment Uniform

Lists - "People of '76" casts

Requisitions Processed/Completed FY76

Requisitions Completed Projects FY75

Group 4 – DSC

Series I – American Revolution Bicentennial Book (Mattes)

Adams NHS Carriage House - A. R. Bicentennial Book, Mattes 1

C & 0 Canal NHP/27 Projects - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 2

Colonial NHP/Jamestown Visitor Center - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 3

Colonial NHP/Yorktown Visitor Center - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 4

Colonial NRP/Yorktown Surrender Field - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 5

Colonial NHP/Yorktown Battlefield Allied Siege Line - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 6

Colonial NHP/Yorktown Battlefield Allied Siege Line [21 -A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 7

Colonial NRP/Yorktown Nelson House - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 8

Colonial NHP/Yorktown Historic Structure [1] - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 9

Colonial NHP/Yorktown Historic Structure [2] - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 10

Colonial NRP/Yorktown Historic Structure Others - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 11

Colonial NHP/Yorktown Roads, Trails, Etc. - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 12

Colonial NHP/Yorktown Archeology - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 13

Fort McHenry NM&HS/Star Fort (I) A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 14

Fort McHenry NM&HS/Star Fort (II) A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 15

Fort Necessity NB/Planning and Development - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 16

Fort Stanwix NM/Reconstruction (I) A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 17

Fort Stanwix NM/Reconstruction (II) A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 18

Fort Moultrie Visitor Center & Bicentennial Exhibit (FMI)- A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 19

Fort Sumter/Fort Moultrie III/Reconstruction Fort Sumter/Moultrie - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 20

Gloria Dei Church, Grounds Improvement - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 21

George Rogers Clark NHP/Visitor Center & Grounds - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 22

George Washington Birthplace NM/Gen. Redevleopment - A. R.

Bicentennial Book Mattes 23

Guilford Courthouse NMP/Gen. Redevelopment - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 24

Hopewell Village NHS/Blacksmith Shop - A. R. Bicentennial Book

Independence NHP/Visitor Center - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 26

Independence NHP/Liberty Bell Pav. - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 27

Independence NHP/Franklin Court - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 28

Independence NHP/Graff House - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 29

Independence NHP/First Bank of U. S. - A. R. Bicentennial Book

Mattes 30

Independence NHP/Second Bank of the U. S. - A. R. Bicentennial

Book Mattes 31

Independence NHP/City Tavern - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 32

Independence NHP/Old City Hall Part 1, 1 of 2 A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 33

Independence NHP/Old City Hall Part 11, 2 of 2 A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 34

Independence NHP/Deshler-Morris - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 35

Kings Mountain NHP/Gen. Redevelopment - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 36

Kosciuszko House/Restoration - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 37

Minute Man NHP/Visitor Center - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 38

Minute Man NHP/Wayside Barn - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 39

Moores Creek NMP/Grounds Improvement - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 40

Morristown NHP/Gen. Redevelopment - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 41

National Capital Parks - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 42

Salem Maritime NHS/Central Wharf A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 43

Salem Maritime NHS/Narbonne House A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 44

Saratoga NRP/Visitor Center & Tour Road [1] 1 of 2 - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 45

Saratoga NHP/Visitor Center & Tour Road [2] 2 of 2 - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 46

Statue of Liberty/Illumination - A. R. Bicentennial Book Mattes 47

Series II - Construction

Construction Status Reports, etc.

Series III - Areas

Adams Carriage House Prints Weathervane

Castle Clinton

Colonial Glass House, Yorktown Visitor Center, Jamestown Visitor Center, Surrender Field Historic Houses

Colonial Special Quality from Don Benson

Fort McHenry

Fort Necessity

Fort Moultrie

Fort Moultrie, Alcatraz?, Fort Point?

Fort Stanwix

George Washington Birthplace

Hopewell Village

Independence - Construction Photos Graff House, Franklin Court

Completion - Independence Visitor Center, Kosciuszko House, Independence Hall, First Bank

Kings Mountain Special Quality from Don Benson

Kings Mountain

Minute Man, Adams, Wayside Barn Visitor Center Washington, D. C. Special Miscellaneous from Don Benson - Model, Independence Visitor Center Drawings, Surrender Field, Graff House, Fort Moultrie Visitor Center; Model, G. W. Clark

Series IV - Bicentennial Action Group

BAG Meeting No. 1 - 1/11/74

BAG Meeting No. 2 - 1/26/74

BAG Meeting No. 3 - 2/74

Bicentennial Action Group Report - 9/74

Series V - Programs

USDI NPS Am. Rev. Bicentennial Celebration Program, revised October 1973 USDI NPS Am. Rev. Bicentennial Celebration Program, revised October 1974

Series VI - Coordination

Bicentennial Coordination Office

Series VII - Bicentennial Reports

Bicentennial Report to OMB - 1/9/74

Package Reports - 1974-75

Group 5 General

Series I Reports

A. American Revolution Bicentennial Commission

Preliminary Report of the Secretary of the Interior to the American Revolutionary Bicentennial Commission, December 1969

Report of the Secretary of the Interior to the American Revolutionary Bicentennial Commission - 1970

America's 200th Anniversary Report of the American Revolutionary Bicentennial Commission - July 1970

Report to the President - July 4, 1970, ARBC

Report of the Secretary of the Interior, the American Revolutionary Bicentennial Commission - 1972

B. National Park Service

1. Activities

Report on NPS Bicentennial Activities, September 1976, Southwest Region

Report of NPS Bicentennial Activities, September 1976, Pacific Northwest Region

Report of NPS Bicentennial Activities, September 1976, North Atlantic Region

Midwest Region - Bicentennial Activities (September 1976)

Report on Bicentennial Activities, September 1976 National Capital Parks

Bicentennial Events and Activities, Western Region, July 1, 1976

Report on NPS Bicentennial Activities - September 1976

2. Action Forcing Events

Six Months Action Forcing Events Report - July-December 1976, 7/8/76

Six Months Action Forcing Events Report - January-June 1976, 1/8/76

3. Projects and Programs

Landmarks of Liberty - A Report of the American Revolutionary Bicentennial Development Program of the NPS by Merrill J. Mattes - August 27, 1976

USDI, NPS - American Revolutionary Bicentennial Celebration Program, Revised July 1973

USDI, NPS - American Revolutionary Bicentennial Celebration Program, Revised October 1973

USDI, NPS - American Revolutionary Bicentennial Celebration Report on Construction Projects - 2/12/74

The Bicentennial Ordnance Project of the NPS

Series II - Correspondence

Green correspondence file - HFC Bicentennial Activities, March 1975-September 1976

Replies to Invitations to Attend Program Commemorating 200th Anniversary Adoption of Declaration of Rights and Grievances by First Continental Congress at Carpenter's Hall, October 1974, from 7 people

Series III - Survey and Plans

American Revolutionary Bicentennial Survey - June-October 1972

Servicewide Bicentennial Plans, contains DOI Monitoring, FY 76; Budget Data, ADP NPS Bicentennial Activity Project, Minority Interpretations and PR Ideas

Status of Bicentennial Planning, NPS - 9/25/73

NPS Bicentennial Program - Regional Directors’ Bicentennial Meeting - 1/1/75

NPS Action Plan - American Revolutionary Bicentennial, 8/4/72

Series IV - Traveling Shows

The Caretakers, Dennis G. Turner - Script for "People of '76" Evening Show

Schedule - "Little Look Around" Southern Tour, June 4-September 5

Schedule - "People of '76," June 22-September 12, 1976

Schedule - "Little Look Around" Southern Tour, May I-July 25

Series V - Exhibits and Events

The Lady in the Harbor, STLI folder on Exhibition

USA '76: The First Two Hundred Years, A Bicentennial Exhibit, ARBC

The Dominguez-Escalante Expedition: The West's Bicentennial Event - 1976

Minority Bicentennial Events Material, May 3, 1976

Burlington Island Bicentennial Development

Washington Bicentennial - 1976 the Living City

Series VI - Publications and Articles

USA: 200 The Festival of Freedom

America 200 The Legacy of our Land, USDI Conservation Yearbook, 1975-76

1974 Bicentennial Yearbook

Bicentennial Almanac

The Concise Illustrated History of the American Revolution

Mud and Guts - A Look at the Common Soldier of the American

Revolution, Bill Mauldin

Folder - the Bicentennial and the National Park Mini-folder - Our Revolutionary Heritage

NPS Newsletter, July 4, 1975 - Park Service Quickens Bicentennial Pace

1776 Collector's Edition - 1976 Dodge Adventures

Vincennes Sun-CommercialBicentennial Issue, May 23, 1976

"The Continuing Effect of the American Revolution" - Arnold J. Toynbee, Colonial Williamsburg, June 10, 1961

"Freedom and the Scientific Society, the 3rd Revelation", Glenn T. Seeborg, Colonial Williamsburg, May 26, 1962

Who Am I - Reflections on the Meaning of Parks on the Occasion of the Nation's Bicentennial, Freeman Tilden

Bicentennial - Yorktown (expanding folder)

Newspaper Clippings, mainly Frederick Times, October 1986

Series VII - Planning, Areas

HFCA-00509 File Cabinet, Top Drawer

Bicentennial Study

Revolutionary War Study

Revolutionary War Study - Mr. Heine

Revolutionary War Commem. Committee

Master - Heine



Fort Ticonderoga

New Windsor Cantonment

West Point


Morris - Jumel Mansion


Ft. Mifflin


Brandywine Story


Valcour Bay

Independence Hall

Mount Vernon

Reading material

Black notebook - Revolutionary War Areas, NPS

Expanding folder - Revolutionary War sites, Actions for Pres. and Development

Group 6 - Audiovisual

Museum Box - Accession HFCA-00839

Approximately 148 black and white photos of "Indian Pride on the Move" Exhibit

Bicentennial Slide Kit plus Notebook of Slides

Box containing 21 tapes - Bicentennial Public Service Announcements plus 2 films - Conservation Commercials

Scrapbook - "People of '76"

Bicentennial Interpreters' Kit

Prepared December 9, 1986 by Ruthann Heriot
Updated Jan. 6, 1999