• Part of a roofline shows from one building. Trees with fall color leaves on them fill most of the photo. A lamp-post is near center of the photo.

    Harpers Ferry Center

NPS Typefaces

Typography is an important component of the new NPS graphic identity standards. The standards specify two typefaces: NPS Rawlinson and Adobe Frutiger. To learn more about the selection of Frutiger and NPS Rawlinson as the approved NPS typefaces, follow this link: Why Frutiger and NPS Rawlinson

NPS Rawlinson is used by the National Park Service under license from its creator, Terminal Design. Frutiger is used under license from Adobe Systems. Our license for NPS Rawlinson is unrestricted, which means that the NPS, or any entity working with or for the NPS, may use the typeface on any project benefiting the agency. Our license for Frutiger, however, is restricted—we may use it within the agency, but transferring it to others is governed by specific restrictions. To learn more about these restrictions, follow this link: Working with Contractors & Partners

How to Install Fonts

Installation Instructions can be found here: OpenType Installation Instructions


A picture of the entire alphabet in NPS Rawlinson Font

NPS Rawlinson OT

NPS Rawlinson was designed in 2000 by James Montalbano of Terminal Design based on requirements established by the National Park Service. Rawlinson is considered to be both elegant and versatile. Its old-style letterforms, which are based on classic European typefaces, help to reinforce the National Park Service's rich graphic traditions. NPS Rawlinson works well in a wide range of applications, from park newspapers and other publications to outdoor signs.

Download NPS Rawlinson OT

A picture of the entire alphabet in Frutiger font

Adobe Frutiger Std

Adobe Frutiger is a sans serif type family named for its designer Adrian Frutiger, who originally developed it for outdoor signs at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. The type's open letterforms make it ideal for long-range viewing, but it also works well in print, especially at small sizes. Frutiger’s clean and straightforward forms make it an attractive and versatile modern typeface. When paired with NPS Rawlinson, Frutiger helps project an NPS identity that is fresh and lively, but mindful of the past.

Download Frutiger Std

Sending Files to Commercial Printers

Make sure you specify what fonts you are using in your publication files before you contract for work through GPO or other commercial vendors. Frequently Asked Questions about Typefaces & Print Vendors

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