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    Harpers Ferry Center

Innovative Education Technology in Parks

Below are some great examples of the technology that NPS is using to educate the public about National Parks, Monuments, and Historic Sites.

A view of the customizable Ranger Station available to WebRangersWebRangers is the National Park Service's on-line Junior Ranger program for kids of all ages. If you love National Parks, this site is for you. If you are new to National Parks, we hope this site helps you experience how wonderful they can be. Kids can customize their Ranger Station, earn rewards, and play learning activities. The site is constantly adding new activities.

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A Ranger speaking with visitors in a missile control roomMinuteman Missile National Historic Site offers live webcasts to classrooms from the underground launch control center at Delta-01. Students learn about the dual role of the Minuteman Missile as both a threat and a deterrant, helping to keep peace for three decades.

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A Ranger Skyping on a laptopBiscayne National Park has a variety of programs for students who can visit the park, and for those who may never get a chance to see the park in person. The park is constantly exploring ways to bring students into the resource – under the surface – to learn more. Skype with a Ranger: At Biscayne National Park, students or classes with questions can set up a time to Skype with a park ranger or park scientist. This opportunity is available year round. The park also offers electronic field trips (or e-field trips) under and above water, and travelling trunks to reach out to classrooms with interest in the park.

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homesteaders with horsesHomestead National Monument of America has curriculum for students in grades K-12, and continues to explore more immersive virtual field trips to the park. Park staff use the web to push content to teachers using the park’s K-12 flash drives.

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A screenshot from one of the Nature Notes videos showing a Ranger talking with mountains in the backgroundYosemite National Park’s Nature Notes is an impressive presence on YouTube, with over 3 million views and a dedicated following. The park uses its YouTube channel to show videos about nature, history, safety, and events. Videos posted on YouTube are also available on nps.gov.

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A view at Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park has been providing unique learning experiences through “Windows on Wonderland” since 2001, through a partnership with the Yellowstone Park Foundation. This program offers numerous online field trips which help students learn concepts related to Yellowstone as well as to enhance their math, science, reading, and vocabulary skills. Each eTrip includes lesson plans that can be used before or after taking the field trip to enhance the learning experience.

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A screenshot from one of the YAP video podcastsNew Bedford Whaling National Historical Park continues to experiment with ways
to reach a broader audience with podcasts. Among the most outstanding examples are educational music
videos created by New Bedford Whaling NHP’s Youth Ambassador
Program, or “YAP.” YAP has produced 4 music videos, and maintains
active communities on Facebook and MySpace, sites on Twitter,
ReverbNation, FLICKR, Bandcamp. Soundcloud and publish a Wordpress

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A view of the Channel IslandsChannel Islands National Seashore uses a variety of media to tell the park story. They share the story in short videos of appropriate length for classroom use.

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A cabin in the ParkGreat Smoky Mountains National Park offers a variety of different education experiences on its website, including video and audio podcasts, and an "electronic field-trip" to the park.

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A Great Egret perched on a log in the parkEverglades National Park has a breadth of curriculum materials available for teachers, plus an e-field trip and email links to request loaner materials for use in the classroom.

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A view of the Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate National Recreation Area has a library of interactive learning experiences that introduce you to Golden Gate National Parks and the environmental challenges park rangers tackle. You can have fun while you learn about the wildlife we protect; the ecosystems we restore; and the NPS mission we fulfill.

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