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    Harpers Ferry Center

Wayside Exhibit Upright Bases

Panel Sizes:
(LxW, inches): 24x36, 24x48, 36x48

32 inches

Galvanized Steel, Weathering Steel, Painted Aluminum (NPS Brown/NPS Medium Gray)

Single upright base

Upright wayside exhibit bases are made of the same materials as low profile bases. They are, however, distinctly different in form and purpose. Designed to stand vertically so that they attract attention, upright waysides typically provide practical information—such as orientation and safety messages—rather than interpretation. They are used at trailheads, boat ramps, parking areas, campgrounds, near visitor centers, and at similar points of assembly or access. Whereas low-profile bases are designed to be unobtrusive and not compete with the resource, upright exhibits are designed to be highly visible, to attract visitors’ attention to important information. Upright exhibit bases can also be configured to accommodate multiple panels (Visitor Information System) front and back.

Upright wayside exhibit bases provide the same Mounting Options as low profile exhibits.

Frame-Only Wall Mount

Frame-only wall mount

In addition to the low-profile mounting options, upright bases can also be mounted to a variety of existing walls. The frame-only mount holds standard UniGuide hardware and can be customized for masonry, wood, or stone walls.

Bulletin Case

Bulletin case

Visitor information that needs to be presented quickly or changed frequently is best posted on a bulletin board within a bulletin case. Designed to be installed on legs or attached directly to a wall, the standard anodized aluminum NPS bulletin case features a hinged door, a single lock, a magnetic painted-steel display board, and a clear tempered glass front. The bulletin case is constructed to provide maximum protection from climatic conditions and is ventilated to reduce interior condensation.

Cluster Bases

Cluster bases

When more information must be presented than a single exhibit can accommodate, multiple panels and or bulletin cases can be used. Called a cluster, two or more exhibits can be arranged either in a straight line or at an angle. Cluster bases, because of their shared leg configuration, take up less space, offer an installation advantage over single bases (less holes to dig), can support a standard roof, and provide a more uniform streamlined appearance.



four-sided standard kiosk with roof option

Standard Kiosk

Three-or four-sided upright cluster bases can come with or without a standard roof. The kiosk holds both information panels and bulletin cases. Assemble on-site or order as a pre-assembled unit.

Kiosk kit

Strap Kit

Three-or four-sided upright cluster bases can come as a bare kit of standard upright base and strapping hardware. Parks adapt to custom post and roof materials. The strap kit kiosk holds both information panels and bulletin cases.

Sample Unit (below) from Great Basin National Park: Kiosk strap kit with custom painted wood posts, wood framework, and metal roof.

strap kit base with roof

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