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    Harpers Ferry Center

Wayside Exhibit Low-Profile Bases

Wayside exhibit bases are designed to accommodate a variety of flat panels. Low profile exhibits are low, angled panels that provide an interpretive message related to a specific place or feature. A standard base consists of a frame, which holds the exhibit panel, and legs, which hold the frame and panel at the preferred viewing . Most exhibit bases are installed by directly burring their legs into tamped dirt, but—as illustrated in the Custom Bases section below—can be adapted to a variety of site conditions.

Cantilevered Base

Cantilevered base

This version of the low-profile base is the preferred style for NPS interpretive exhibits. The base’s simple, unadorned form helps to reduce its visual intrusion on the landscape. Made anodized aluminum, weatherproof steel or durable painted aluminum, the base is designed to provide years of service, even in harsh marine environments. Exhibit panels can be easily replaced by unscrewing the tamper proof screws (special bit required) in the back of the top capture rail.

T-style Base

T-style base

The original was introduced to national parks in the early 1980s, this low-profile base was used for years the standard model for interpretive wayside exhibits. It has since been replaced with the cantilevered model due to accessibility and safety concerns. This model should only be used for consistency concerns if replacing a single or small number of bases near or next to existing T-style bases.

Mounting Options

Wayside exhibit legs can be built to accommodate a variety of different mounting conditions. In ground, sand, and on decks, and cement, there is a mounting option to match. Available in
every size and material to provide maximum
flexibility and a uniform look.

Direct embed

Direct Embed

  • installed in-ground
  • concrete required
  • standard 8” post hole

Direct embed with stabilizer fins

Direct Embed with Stabilizer Fins

  • installed in-ground
  • concrete optional
  • 12” post hole

Direct embed with stabilizer bar

Direct Embed with Stabilizer Bar

  • installed in-ground
  • concrete optional
  • torque resistance in loose soils or sand
  • 12” post hole + 3” wide trench between post



  • installed over cement
  • pre-set base plate recommended
  • exhibit base can be removed if necessary

Custom Masonry Base

Custom masonry base

Low-profile exhibits can be adapted to a wide range of exisiting masonry architectural features by modifying the legs and frame assembly. Exhibits can be attached securely and attractively to walls made of brick, stone, stucco, or concrete, with little or no visible harm to the wall.

Custom Rail Mount Base

Custom rail mount base

Using custom-designed brackets and fittings, low-profile panels can be securely attached to exisiting wooden or metal rails, allowing interpretation on a wide range of platforms and decks.

Sled Base

Sled base

A sled base is recommended when a fixed installation is not permitted or the exhibit is temporary, seasonal, or migrant. The base is designed to stand on its own without additional attachments or installation requirements. Optional brackets allow for bolting the exhibit in place.

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