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Wayside Exhibit Cost Estimating

Cost Estimating

Given the many variables involved in developing and fabricating wayside exhibits, prices can vary widely. The accuracy of cost estimates depends on several key factors listed below. Contact Harpers Ferry Center for cost estimates by calling 304-535-5050 or use our Contact Form.

Planning and Design

The amount of time, and cost, for planning and design will depend on the size and complexity of the project, the amount of reference and graphic material provided by the park, the focus and direction established at project start-up, custom features such as tactile elements or translations needed, and the extent of the changes needed throughout the process. Another factor is the cost of travel to the park by the planner and designer to conduct the site analysis, establish a clear direction and focus for the project, and to prepare the Wayside Exhibit Proposal.

Graphic Research and Acquisition

Consider the cost of graphics research, high-resolution scanning, use-rights fees, and image management. Does the park have public-domain graphics of the quality needed for large-format wayside production? Or will new images need to be located and procured for the project?

Illustrations and Maps

Original illustrations, diagrams, or complex maps can increase dramatically increase cost and schedule. These elements are generally priced separately. How many new illustrations, or new maps, will be needed? What is the level of complexity for each new illustration or map? Are references and source materials available, or will research or a scoping trip be needed by the artist or cartographer?

Panel and Base Fabrication

Factors that affect the cost of fabrication include panel and base material, panel and base size and style, custom bases or mounts, number of original panels, and number of backup panels. Shipping location can also affect the cost.


Wayside exhibit panels with large graphics and simple direct text work well for many diverse audiences, but do not meet the needs of visitors with visual impairments. Options for enhancing access to wayside content include tactile elements, audio description, Braille brochures and other media.

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