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    Harpers Ferry Center

Reprinting Publications

A primary mission of Harpers Ferry Center is to make sure that parks always have a supply of free brochures. Barring extraordinary circumstances, our reprint program ensures that parks will not run out of brochures before they are resupplied. Unless there is a request for an unusually extensive change in design, photography, or illustration, shipping of the printed brochures is the only cost to the park for a reprint.

Planning the Reprint

As in the production of new brochures, the park drives the reprint program. Contact Trevor Bentz (304-535-6414, Email Contact Form), our Publications Printing Specialist, regarding reprint information. Trevor plans our reprint program based on the information received from the parks on “Form 10-80: Semiannual Inventory Report”. This form is used only for the official brochures produced by Harpers Ferry Center—not for park or association-produced publications. Submission of Form 10-80 is mentioned in NPS Interpretation and Visitor Services Guideline 6 as a requirement. Every park should submit this report twice a year, in April and October.

We use this report in preparing the annual printing schedule and budget. It’s advantageous for everyone to know what their brochure usage is and the expected need date for resupply. This is especially true for those parks whose increased fees prompt a greater demand for a park map and guide. Harpers Ferry Center has a limited budget, but we try to accommodate all parks.

The reprint cycle begins when the park receives a shipment of brochures. On a form attached to the shipment’s cover letter, the park indicates the date when they will need the next reprint and returns it to Harpers Ferry Center. Approximately six months before that date, we will call or e-mail the park to ask: 1. Can we reprint your brochure as is with no changes (straight reprint)? or 2. Do we need to make revisions (reprint with corrections)? Normally these questions are directed to the Chief of Interpretation or Chief Ranger. This information helps us schedule work, because revision jobs take more staff time than straight reprints. If a straight reprint is required, we send the digital file or printing films to the printer and normally have a new supply to the park within two months. If you notice that you are going through your supply faster than usual, alert us as soon as you realize that conditions have changed. We cannot be of much immediate help if you call us as you open your last box.

For a reprint with corrections, you will need to mark all text, graphic, and map changes on two current park brochures. (This is important: Make sure they are not brochures from a previous printing. You can do this by finding the imprint line: an open-face star, the letters GPO, and the year.) For map changes we need good resource materials: official park planning maps, construction drawings, and accurate trail designations. Number your changes and describe them by corresponding numbers in your transmittal memo. The memo should tell us who in your park is in charge of this reprint. Please list a phone number so our editor for the job can call with any questions.

Making the Changes

The editor, designer, and cartographer review the park requests. If changes are extensive and time is short, we may propose alternative solutions such as making only minimal changes for that printing. We are in the process of digitizing our entire inventory. This is a time-consuming process and there may be situations where we suggest holding off on certain changes until the brochure is completely digitized the next time it is up for a reprint.

After the work is agreed upon, the editor, designer, and cartographer make their respective changes. If the changes are extensive and there is time, a computer printout is made and sent to the park for review.

It normally takes five to six months from receiving a park’s list of changes to delivery of the reprinted brochures—sometimes longer. That’s why it is so important that we receive the change requests with plenty of lead time. Otherwise, we may be forced to give the park a straight reprint so they won’t run out of brochures.


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