• Part of a roofline shows from one building. Trees with fall color leaves on them fill most of the photo. A lamp-post is near center of the photo.

    Harpers Ferry Center


The Virgin Islands brochure showing numerous Illustrations

Watercolor illustration commissioned for the Virgin Islands National Park brochure.

Harpers Ferry Center commissions respected artists to create the illustrations for National Park brochures and handbooks. The illustrations are a central element in many of our publications, and they have to meet several criteria: they must work hard—that is, convey solid information about the park and the ideas embodied in the site; they must bring to life the park's historical story or reveal aspects of the site today that are unavailable to the visitor; they must be visually compelling.

Some of the illustrations have a life beyond the National Park publication. Illustrations originally commissioned for brochures or handbooks have been turned into posters and postcards by National Park Cooperating Associations, or incorporated into indoor or wayside exhibits or audiovisual presentations at the parks. Private publishers have also used some of these illustrations in their books to illustrate historical or natural history subjects.

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