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    Harpers Ferry Center

Furnishings Acquisition Consultation

Prior to the implementation of any furnishings production work, a consultation with the park provides an opportunity for the furnishings curator to assess the current state of furnishings at the site, to determine exactly what the scope of the project is to be, and to survey the park’s collections and any other on-site resources that might provide evidence or serve as prototypes for acquisition or reproduction of needed items.

The site visit, therefore, is essential at this stage, since it provides an opportunity for the HFC staff curator and park staff to tour the resource, look at building evidence, measure, photograph, and decide exactly what is needed and where it goes. HFC and park staff can also determine how a furnishings project will affect existing exhibits, and consider visitor traffic patterns, security needs, and other factors.

The total consultation can vary in time from a day to whatever length of time is needed to collect the information necessary to accurately implement the production work; unless the spaces are unusually complex or the relevant collections unusually large, several days to a week would probably be sufficient. The length of the consultation also depends on site location and ease of travel to the site. The cost will vary accordingly.

Outcomes of the furnishings consultation include:

  • Summary of the approach to implementation: what will be produced, where it will go, who will install it, and how it may need to be tailored to visitor flow or security concerns
  • Cost estimates for the work, to be provided by HFC Workflow Management
  • Time schedule for the production/acquisition and for transportation and installation
  • If the park and HFC decide to proceed, a project agreement will be generated by HFC which details the work to be accomplished, the total cost, and the time schedule

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