• Part of a roofline shows from one building. Trees with fall color leaves on them fill most of the photo. A lamp-post is near center of the photo.

    Harpers Ferry Center

Hire Harpers Ferry Center

HFC staff visit with Site Manager Carol Spears at James A. Garfield NHSCall or email us to request information on our historic furnishings services, to get answers to technical questions, to obtain cost estimates, or for HFC assistance in researching, developing, and producing a historic furnishings report or exhibit. Contact us through our Email Contact Form, or call Deputy Associate Manager John Brucksch (304-535-6119) or one of our other staff curators: Andy Chamberlain (304-535-6117); Mary Grassick (304-535-6035); Sarah Heald (304-535-6134); Carol Petravage (304-535-6120).

Funding Sources

Parks have used the following funding sources for work in historic research and object acquisition:

  • Annual Operating Funds or Park Base (Recurring)—Fund Type 01
  • Cultural Cyclic Maintenance—Fund Type 01
  • Donations—Fund Type 26
  • Emergency Relief and Storm Damage—Fund Type 04
  • Fee Program—No Year—Fund Type 04
  • Fee Demonstration Program—Fund Type 25
  • Regular Cyclic Maintenance—Fund Type 01
  • Line Item Construction—Fund Type 05
  • Planning—Fund Type 05
  • Congressional Add-Ons

Project Agreements

An important service and product of Harpers Ferry Center is the development of a project agreement. A project agreement spells out in detail what HFC will provide a park, what the product or service will cost, how long the product or service will take to develop, what interim stages or phases will occur, and what assistance the park will provide to HFC in the development of its product or service.


Our products and services comply with Federal law, Executive Orders, regulations of the Department of the Interior, and Management Policies of the National Park Service.


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