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    Harpers Ferry Center

Hamilton's Country Estate

This view of Hamilton’s parlor includes a rectangular piano and a round wooden table surrounded by green upholstered chairs in front of a white marble fireplace.When the National Park Service moved Hamilton Grange to its new location, historic architects restored the rooms inside the house to their original configuration. The new layout required a reexamination of the 1986 historic furnishings plan. Specialists in New York historic interiors were hired to revise the previous plan, and they closely examined original Hamilton furniture located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Smithsonian, and the Museum of the City of New York. With the museum's permission, craftsmen reproduced Hamilton's dining room chairs, side table, parlor sofa, cylinder desk, and lap desk. These, together with objects from the park's collection and other purchased antiques, were placed in the front hall, the parlor, the study, and the dining room in Hamilton's historic home.

HFC historic furnishings curators installed the furnishings in August 2011. Noteworthy Hamilton objects from the park's collection include the mirrored plateau on the dining room table, five of the chairs in the parlor, and the bust in the front hall. The white marble bust is an early replica of the one Hamilton purchased from Guiseppe Ceracchi in 1796. This statue is the basis for the computer-generated "avatar" in one of the audiovisual programs.

The arched ceiling of the entryway frames two doorways into adjacent rooms. Hamilton’s bust is on a pedestal between the doorways.

The marble bust of Alexander Hamilton

A white tablecloth covers a long dining room table, with a mirrored centerpiece, with china and silver place settings. The walls are yellow, with a large mirror over a wooden sideboard with a silver wine cooler on it.

A cylinder desk with parchment and a quill pen are situated in a green room, Hamilton’s study.

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