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    Harpers Ferry Center

HFC Oversees Design of New Hamilton Grange Exhibits

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As first secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton's indelible mark on our country's foundations remain. The issues our founding fathers faced—the role of government and debt, the tensions between democratic ideals and accomplishments—are with us today.

Working closely with the staff of New York's Manhattan Sites and the Chief Architect of the Northeast Region, Harpers Ferry Center oversaw the planning, design, and installation of multimedia exhibits, historic furnishings, and a mini-theater presentation of Hamilton's life for the relocated Hamilton Grange National Memorial. HFC's support began early as the planning for the building's move began in earnest. Requiring multiple funding sources of over $1.7 million, these timely exhibits and furnishings increase our awareness of one of this country's most intriguing founders.

Highlights include an interactive video display in which questions about Hamilton are answered by an avatar speaking Hamilton's own words and a 3-D model of the house to orient the visually impaired. A short 17-minute film includes reenactments, first-person narratives, and animated historic images to illustrate Hamilton's vital role in the founding of the nation and reveal the importance of his only home—the Grange—as a haven from the stresses of his life. Historic Furnishings include furniture original to the house and reproductions.


a building being moved through a city on giant moving equipment
The 8 1/2-minute video “Preserving the Grange” shows why and how Alexander Hamilton’s home was moved several blocks across Harlem to its new location. Interviews, time-lapse footage, and animation demonstrate the complexity of lifting and moving a 300-ton building in one piece through the streets of Manhattan. This video received a First Place in the “Short video” category for the 2012 National Association of Interpretation Media Awards.




an exterior shot of the house

an interior shot of the house, in what appears to be a dining room with table and chairs and placesettings

an interior shot of what appears to be an office in the house, with a desk and chairs in the far corner, a fireplace, and a small table with four chairs at it

a small scale model of the house

a screenshot from a digital exhibit about Alexander Hamilton, showing a head shot of Hamilton, and some buttons to click on to choose other parts of the digital exhibit

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