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    Harpers Ferry Center

Exhibits In-Depth

Interpretive Center exhibits at Manzanar NHS

Exhibit planning, design & production:

  • Media Evaluation & Visitor Research – A primer on the value of evaluation as an integrated part of the exhibit planning and design process. Includes evaluation reports and sources for more information.
  • Exhibit Conservation Guidelines – An electronic publication in CD-ROM format comprised of narrative text, technical notes, and detailed illustrations. The Guidelines helps simplify the exhibition process by supplying a variety of practical preservation-oriented strategies and techniques.
  • Exhibit Requirements and Disciplines – A list of specialized knowledge and skills needed by those involved in exhibit development, and those requirements based on law, policy, or professional practice. This is a report generated by a database file which is continually evolving as new requirements and disciplines are identified.
  • Typography in Exhibits – Advice on selecting typefaces for NPS exhibits.

Working With Our Contractors:

Contacting Us

Harpers Ferry Center has an initial contact point to assist parks with all their media needs. Call or email us to request information on our exhibit services, to get answers to technical questions, to obtain cost estimates, or for HFC assistance in developing and producing an exhibit. Contact Us

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