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    Harpers Ferry Center

Exhibits and Museums

Exhibits are multi-media experiences. Because people learn in many ways, exhibits use diverse techniques to interpret park resources, teach concepts, and stimulate interest. They combine text, graphics, audio, video, models, mechanical devices, and lighting with natural, historical, and cultural objects to produce visitor experiences that involve all of the senses.

Visitors may interact physically with exhibits and learn by doing. The goal is not only to educate but to inspire. Display items range from tools and weapons to the art of prehistoric and historic American cultures. Webs of life in our natural habitats are shown with plant and animal models. Illustrations complete stories and set them in larger contexts. Art is used to reconstruct early events where no visual material exists.

Objects such as John Brown's Bible, Chief Joseph's coat, and John Wilkes Booth's derringer are displayed using advanced security and preservation technology. Their intrinsic value is recognized along with the chapters of our country's history they represent.

Exhibits have high visual appeal. They are a vital means of presenting parks' interpretive themes. They also are effective in meeting NPS Mission Goals resulting from Government Performance and Results legislation. Goals and related themes are addressed and developed during planning. Design and fabrication apply the most effective means of achieving them and insure the highest quality product for the funds applied. Visitors will view the results for years to come.

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Harpers Ferry Center has an initial contact point to assist parks with all their media needs. Call or email us to learn more about funding an exhibit project, to obtain exhibit cost estimates, to get answers to your exhibit questions, or for HFC assistance in developing and producing exhibits. Contact Us


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