• Part of a roofline shows from one building. Trees with fall color leaves on them fill most of the photo. A lamp-post is near center of the photo.

    Harpers Ferry Center


A view of the customizable Ranger Station available to WebRangersThe WebRangers website is the national online Junior Ranger program. The overall goal of the WebRangers program is to expand the community of young people and their parents who understand the values and meanings inherent in the National Park System, and who act locally to conserve them. WebRangers engages young people in learning by bringing the Parks to life in their homes and schools through fun, interactive activities. WebRangers allows children from all over the country (and the world) to discover America’s National Parks even when they cannot physically visit them and offers opportunities for self-paced exploration that are not possible during a typical Park visit.

Since 2005, WebRangers has developed a solid base of interactive content and has become an online destination for kids interested in history, science, nature and the National Park System. It has also become an integral part of the National Park Service’s nationwide interpretive program. Kids who visit WebRangers want to learn more about their National Parks, are inspired to visit the places they are learning about and are likely to share their experiences with family and friends.

WebRangers is a well-known and often reviewed site for children, designed to introduce them to their national parks and to invite them to investigate further by visiting parks near them. The site contains a login system, a reward tracking system and a moderated community area for posting photos and stories of park experiences. The site also hosts a "Question of the Week," with a moderated response forum.

As the site has grown, there are now more than 200,000 registered users (many users do not choose to register), and over 10,000 of those users have earned the WebRangers patch which requires the completion of 50 activities.

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