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    Harpers Ferry Center

Exhibit Conservation User Feedback

We have found the CD to be enormously valuable in the detailing and specification writing for exhibit cases. And the extensive testing and resources listed help allay the concerns of our clients that they receive the best quality environments for their artifacts.

– Mike Lawrence, Exhibit Designer, MFM Design

Since acquiring the Exhibit Conservation Guidelines CD, I find that our exhibitions department has a powerful tool to plan a show. The CD seems to put the information on a neutral ground.

– Rachel-Ray Cleveland, Paper Conservator, N.I.H., History of Medicine Division

The new CD appears to be a very useful tool for both parks and partners.

– Matthew Wilson, Curator, National Park Service

The Guidelines publication is a great addition to the exhibit field and I would like to work towards having it used by all Smithsonian Museums.

– Richard Pelasara, Supervisor, Office of Exhibit Central, Smithsonian Institution

The CD really helps make our case! (No pun intended.)

– Susan Page, Paper Conservator, National Archives

What an impressive amount of information and data, and also presented in a format that allows for easy understanding and amazing flexibility. You can be sure that I will find a forum that will allow you to come up here some time during the year…I believe that your presentation should really be heard by our students.

– Bruno Pouliot, Objects Conservator, Art Conservation Department, Univ. of Delaware

It is a comprehensive textbook - something rare in conservation…One tool that I found particularly useful was the table on advantages and disadvantages of various ways to control UV light levels.

– Martha Simpson Grant, Objects Conservator, Austin, Texas

The CD will greatly assist designers when we deal with clients that have no preservation background or conservator to consult…I see it as a very versatile tool…It will have the affect of prodding a lot of new products out of the field.

– Dave Lenk, Designer, National Museum of American History

I’m already putting the CD to use as I have a bunch of inquiries this week about case design as it relates to silver. I’m still getting the hang of it, but I’m finding my way through it and printing out PDF’s as I go.

– Lori van Handel, Conservation Consultant, Williamstown Art Conservation Center

The work collected in the CD-ROM on conservation and exhibitions recently produced by the Parks Service… represents a wealth of experience and innovative thought that fits exactly within the profile of initiative we would like to expose our participants to.

– Katriina Simila, Conservation Training Coordinator, ICCROM

I’m currently president of the Museum Association of Montana – an organization made up of a lot of small volunteer museums or museums with one or two paid staff with a range of professional training. This would be a valuable tool for them to have in their libraries.

– Deirdre Shaw, Curator, National Park Service

IT LOOKS TERRIFIC AND THE FEW SECTIONS I READ ARE JUST THAT! Thanks for initiating this project and seeing it through. What are you going to do next along these lines?

– Chris Tahk, Director, Art Conservation Department, State University College at Buffalo

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