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    Harpers Ferry Center

Hamilton Comes to Life
(and Death) On-screen

An actor poses as Alexander Hamilton, staring down the barrel of a pistol.HFC produced several audiovisual and multimedia programs for Hamilton Grange National Memorial, including:

Alexander Hamilton: American Visionary, a 17-minute film that recounts Hamilton's life from his humble beginnings to his tragic death. Reenactments, first-person narratives, and animated historic images bring Hamilton's story to life and illustrate his vital role in the founding of our nation.

Click here for the accessible audio-described version of this video.

Preserving the Grange (First Place winner, 2012 NAI Media Awards), an 8 1/2-minute exhibit video that illustrates why and how Hamilton's home was moved to its new location. Interviews, time-lapse footage, and animation demonstrate the complexity of lifting and transporting a 300-ton building in one piece through the streets of Harlem.

Click here for the accessible audio-described version of this video.

Who Was Alexander Hamilton?, a touch-screen interactive that allows visitors to examine Hamilton's life through a series of questions addressed to the founding father himself. A digitally-generated "avatar" of Hamilton answers the questions using direct quotes from Hamilton's own writings. The avatar was modeled from Giuseppe Ceracchi's 1790s bust, which is displayed in the home's front hall.

A screenshot from a touchscreen interactive shows a computer-generated “avatar� of Alexander Hamilton answering a question about the 1804 duel with Aaron Burr.

In addition, a 24-minute audio tour provides an engaging overview of the site, complete with ranger commentary and audio reenactments; and a companion 70-minute audio description tour provides access to the exhibits and furnishings for visitors who are blind or have low vision.

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