• Part of a roofline shows from one building. Trees with fall color leaves on them fill most of the photo. A lamp-post is near center of the photo.

    Harpers Ferry Center

About Us

Harpers Ferry Center creates a variety of interpretive tools to assist NPS field interpreters. These tools include audiovisual programs, historic furnishings, museum exhibits, publications, and wayside exhibits. HFC also provides a variety of services including graphics research, interpretive planning, media contracting, artifact conservation, revision and reprinting of publications, and replacement of wayside exhibits.

HFC can provide:

  • Assistance with media development strategies;
  • Help with media cost estimates;
  • Answers to technical media questions;
  • Assistance with the planning, design, development, and production of media products;
  • Planning for interpretation, education, and visitor experiences — including GMPs, LRIPs, value analysis, and pre-design charettes.

Contact Us

Harpers Ferry Center has an initial contact point to assist parks with all their media needs. Contact Us

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