A founding father’s Harlem home.

Alexander Hamilton created the tools for the success of the United States. From his humble beginnings as an orphan on the Caribbean island of Nevis, he became George Washington's right-hand man. Come visit Hamilton Grange and find out more about this controversial founder and the country home that he built on his Harlem estate.

An early model piano among green silk upholstered 19th century chairs.

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Hamilton Grange National Memorial.

The Grange, elevated on hydraulics, is wheeled down 141st street as a man stands in front of it.

A Monumental Move

How do you move a nearly 300-ton house?

Junior Rangers at The Grange

Be a Junior Ranger!

Hamilton Grange is seeking Junior Rangers of all ages!

A painting of Alexander Hamilton, who wears a black coat and white neck ruffles.

Alexander Hamilton

Get to know the first Secretary of the Treasury, who commissioned the Grange in 1800.

The Grange stands on wooden beams as it is prepared for moving in 1889.


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Last updated: January 15, 2022

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