A Founding Father's Uptown Estate

Merchant’s clerk, Revolutionary War soldier, first Secretary Treasury of the United States: Alexander Hamilton’s life is memorialized at The Grange, the home he built on a country estate in uptown Manhattan. A faithful testament to early American architecture, it stands today as a tribute to its first owner’s many accomplishments.

A yellow house is surrounded by fall foliage.
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Use this guide to plan your visit to Hamilton Grange National Memorial!

An early model piano among green silk upholstered 19th century chairs.
Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Hamilton Grange National Memorial.

The Grange, elevated on hydraulics, is wheeled down 141st street as a man stands in front of it.
A Monumental Move

How do you move a nearly 300-ton house?

A painting of Alexander Hamilton, who wears a black coat and white neck ruffles.
Alexander Hamilton

Get to know the first Secretary of the Treasury, who commissioned the Grange in 1800.

A black and white illustration of a man firing a pistol at another, who falls to the ground.
The Hamilton-Burr Duel

Learn more about the infamous duel that ended Hamilton's life.

Last updated: December 20, 2023

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