Wilderness Camping Regulations

YOU are responsible for protecting the resources of YOUR park; these regulations are strictly enforced.

  • A wilderness use permit is required before you occupy any wilderness campsite in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
  • Use or discharge of firearms is prohibited. All wildlife is protected by federal law. Possession of other weapons, traps, or explosives is prohibited.
  • Groundfires and wood fires are prohibited in Guadalupe Mountains. Use containerized fuel stoves only.
  • Food Storage: Attend your food, water, and aromatic items by keeping them packed up and within immediate reach. Consider preparing and eating food a distance from your sleeping area. Keep your campsite clean at all times.
  • Contain your trash and pack it out.
  • No pets on trails or in the backcountry. Pets may harm or be harmed by wildlife and can attract predators. Pets are not allowed on park trails.
  • Do not take shortcuts on trails. To protect the landscape and prevent erosion, do not take shortcuts.
  • Collecting or disturbing any natural or historical feature or object is prohibited. Leave park features intact for others to enjoy.
  • Contaminating natural water sources and their surroundings is prohibited. Do not contaminate water sources by bathing, washing, or playing. Leave natural water for park wildlife.
  • Camp within designated sites. Set up tents only on bare ground, within the designated area.
  • The use of hammocks, slacklines, tarps or similar devices tied to natural and/or manmade features is prohibited. Protect the landscape and environment in the park by using tents and staying on designated tent pads.
  • Bury human waste at least 6 inches deep. Pack out toilet paper. Human waste is unsightly and unsanitary. Carry a digging trowel. Locate latrines 0.25 mile from any water source and well away from camp. Pack out toilet paper.
  • Do not feed wildlife. Feeding wildlife is illegal; it often results in rangers having to destroy the animal. Don't leave food containers or packs unattended.

Last updated: March 8, 2021

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