Wilderness Camping Regulations

YOU are responsible for protecting the resources of YOUR park; these regulations are strictly enforced.

A Wilderness Use Permit must be obtained before backpacking overnight. Wilderness Use Permits must be obtained in person at the Pine Springs Visitor Center. Permits may be obtained up to 24 hours in advance of the trip. Due to the time involved, please be ready to begin the process at the visitor's center no later than 3:30 p.m. Please be sure to have your driver's license ready, your itinerary, and your vehicle's license plate number. This will help to expedite the process and have you ready for the trails!

  • A wilderness use permit is required before you occupy any wilderness campsite in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
  • Use or discharge of firearms is prohibited. All wildlife is protected by federal law. Possession of other weapons, traps, or explosives is prohibited.
  • Groundfires and wood fires are prohibited in Guadalupe Mountains. Use containerized fuel stoves only.
  • Food Storage: Attend your food, water, and aromatic items by keeping them packed up and away from your tent and sleeping area. Consider preparing and eating food a distance from your sleeping area. Keep your campsite clean at all times.
  • Contain your trash and pack it out.
  • No pets on trails or in the backcountry. Pets may harm or be harmed by wildlife and can attract predators. Pets are not allowed on park trails.
  • Do not take shortcuts on trails. To protect the landscape and prevent erosion, do not take shortcuts.
  • Collecting or disturbing any natural or historical feature or object is prohibited. Leave park features intact for others to enjoy.
  • Contaminating natural water sources and their surroundings is prohibited. Do not contaminate water sources by bathing, washing, or playing. Leave natural water for park wildlife.
  • Camp within designated sites. Set up tents only on bare ground, within the designated area.
  • The use of hammocks, slacklines, tarps or similar devices tied to natural and/or manmade features is prohibited. Protect the landscape and environment in the park by using tents and staying on designated tent pads.
  • The use of a landfill-safe commercial toilet bag system is required for all overnight Wilderness permit holders camping overnight. Affected permit holders will be required to carry a minimum of one bag per person per night for the duration of their trip and present proof that they have the required number of bags before their permit will be issued.
  • Do not feed wildlife. Feeding wildlife is illegal; it often results in rangers having to destroy the animal. Don't leave food containers or packs unattended.

Last updated: September 20, 2022

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