Pets are prohibited:

  • in park buildings

  • in restrooms

  • at public programs

  • in the backcountry

  • on ALL park trails except the Pinery Trail and the trail from the Pine Springs Campground to the visitor center

Where Pets Can Go

Leashed pets are permitted in Guadalupe Mountains National Park only in areas accessed by vehicles, including established roadsides, parking areas, frontcountry picnic areas and frontcountry campgrounds. Leashed pets may walk on the short trail between the campground and the Pine Springs Visitor Center or along the Pinery Trail from the visitor center to the Butterfield Stage Station. They must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet and attended at all times. Federal regulations require all pet excrement to be picked up and diposed of in a marked trash recepacle.

Why Can't I Hike With My Dog or Cat?

  • Dogs and cats are considered to be unnatural predators in a natural environment
  • Pets may harass and even kill wildlife, carry disease and disrupt the habitats of native species in the park
  • Pets could become prey for larger carnivores like mountain lions, black bears, bobcats, coyote packs or many other desert animals which could pose a threat to your pet
  • Many Chihuahuan desert plants are spiny or poisonous and can easily injure a pet
  • Pets can bite visitors or intrude on the visitor experience anticipated in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Other Park Pet Rules

Do not leave pets unattended at campsites, tied to an object in the park, or in vehicles for prolonged peroids of time. Interior vehicle temperatures can rise within minutes and pets can quickly overheat and die, even with the windows cracked. The nearest kennel service (with limited hours) is at Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Some adjacent US Forest Service lands do allow leashed pets on trails and in the backcountry. Contact them directly for details and specific locations.

Service Animals

Service Animals as defined by titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act are excepted and are permitted in park buildings, restrooms, at public programs, and in the backcountry; service animals that have been individually trained to perform specific tasks for the benefit of persons with disabilities are allowed in the park.

Emotional support (“therapy animals”) are not service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act and may not access trails or other non-motorized areas.

Last updated: December 15, 2018

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