Day Hikes

Over 80 miles of hiking trails offer easy nature walks through desert flora; more moderate hikes follow canyons and reach riparian oases, and strenuous all day hikes can take you into high country forest or to the "Top of Texas". Each is unique—the magic of Guadalupe Mountains National Park awaits you.

The ten essential items for hiking displayed on a table
Ten Essentials Plus One

Carrying the Ten Essentials (plus one) with you can help you be prepared for minor injuries, sudden weather changes, or unexpected delays.

Dirty toilet paper lays across a natural landscape
Human Waste in the Wilderness

Nothing can spoil a hike as quickly as the discovery of toilet paper. Always use the restroom before hiking. Pack out your toilet paper.

A ranger points to a trailhead map for a group pf hikers
What To Know Before You Go

As with most activities, the more you know before you start your hike, the more likely you will have a good experience

The setting sun highlights a trail in Pine Springs Canyon
Trail Descriptions

A network of trails throughout the park provides many opportunities to explore and find your challenge.

A group of hkers takes a break along a trail
Hiking with a Group

To limit impacts on the landscape and other visitors, a special use permit is required for day hiking groups with more than twenty persons.

A view of Guadalupe and El Capitan peaks from an off-trail location to the north
Hiking off-trail

Any person or persons planning to hike off trail in the park must obtain a Special Use Permit before they attempt the hike.

A couple hikes on a wide trail in the trees.
McKittrick Canyon Day Hikes

McKittrick Canyon is the heart of the park and offers trails to dramatic landscapes, foliage, and the high-country.

A madrone stands next to a trail in a desert mountain environment.
Pine Springs Day Hikes

Pine Springs is the starting point for the Guadalupe Peak Trail and other beginning hikes into the high-country of the park.

A hiker stands on a mountain top at sunset
Hike to "the Top of Texas"

The trail to the summit of Guadalupe Peak is a rewarding, and very strenuous, 8.5 mile round trip hike with a 3,000 foot elevation gain.

A park ranger and visitor on a white gypsum sand dune with tall mountains in the background.
Hike to the Salt Basin Dunes

The west side of the mountains offers remote hiking and access to the Salt Basin Sand Dunes.

A desert spring with mountains in the background
Frijole Ranch Day Hikes

A number of short trails and access to the high-country all begin near the historic Frijole Ranch.

A park ranger and a group of hikers  follow a trail in a desert meadow
Dog Canyon Day Hikes

Trails from Dog Canyon offer excellent access, with relatively easy grades, to the Guadalupe Mountains Wilderness.

Last updated: June 2, 2023

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