Dog Canyon

A dirt road leads toward a tall desert canyon with a park entrance sign nearby
Dog Canyon, far removed from civilization, offers a great outdoor experience.

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Dog Canyon lies in a secluded, forested canyon on the north end of the park at an elevation of 6,300 feet. Remote and far removed from civilization; it stands at the edge of the wilderness boundary, and offers an ideal location for quiet camping, birding, hiking, and solitude.

Dog Canyon is Remote

Dog Canyon is a 70-mile drive from the nearest town of Carlsbad, New Mexico and is 110 miles from the Pine Spring Visitor Center & Campground (allow a 2 hour drive time).


Due to its higher elevation and protected location beneath steep cliff walls, the campground at Dog Canyon is cooler than Pine Springs campground in the summer, and sheltered from strong gusty winds in winter and spring. The campground has 9 tent sites and 4 RV sites (no hookups, no dump station, no RV's longer than 23 feet). Picnicking is also permitted in the campground. Restrooms have sinks and flush toilets, but no showers. Charcoal and wood fires are not permitted.

Hiking, Backpacking and Horseback Riding

Trails from Dog Canyon offer excellent access, with relatively easy grades, to the highcountry of Guadalupe Mountains National Park. A variety of one-day or shorter day hikes, overnight backpacking trips, and horseback riding trips can be made from here.


  • Please pay your entrance fee (self-pay at the trailhead) before beginning your hike.
  • Please camp in designated campsites at the campground and in backcountry areas.
  • Pets may not accompany you on any trails at Dog Canyon. Pets disturb wildlife and are not allowed on trails. Your pets should remain at home as opportunities for pets are very limited in the park.
  • All fires are prohibited. Bring a self contained stove for cooking.
  • Overnight backpackers and horseback riders must obtain a permit for overnight camping in the Wilderness.
  • Plants, animals, rocks and other natural and cultural features may not be disturbed or removed.
  • Hunting and hunter camping is prohibited.
Picnic tables, RV sites, and horse corrals are located below a high desert mountain cliff.
Dog Canyon Campground

The Dog Canyon Campground is in a secluded, forested canyon on the north side of the park.

A park ranger and a group of hikers  follow a trail in a desert meadow
Dog Canyon Day Hikes

Trails from Dog Canyon offer excellent access, with relatively easy grades, to the Guadalupe Mountains Wilderness.

A metal fenced horse corral with a trailer
Bringing Horses and Stock

Overnight camping is authorized for permitted horse users at two locations in the park.

Last updated: January 26, 2023

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