String and Leigh Lakes

A view over a shallow lake
String Lake sits at the base of the Teton Range and offers mountain views.

NPS Photo/J. Bonney

Explore String and Leigh Lakes

String and Leigh Lakes offer various opportunities to recreate or relax in Grand Teton.

String Lake is a shallow lake and is a popular area for picnics and swimming. Bring your own boat and paddle around String Lake before portaging up to Leigh Lake. No roads go to Leigh Lake and it is only accessible by foot or boat.

String and Leigh Lakes offers access to multiple trails. Stroll along the shore of either lake for an easy to moderate hike, or head into Paintbrush Canyon for a strenuous hike.

Drive the Teton Park Road and turn at the North Jenny Lake Junction to access String and Leigh Lakes. Parking is limited.
A wooden bridge crosses a creek towards mountains
Hike String Lake

Travel around String Lake on this easy loop trail.

Mountains reflected on a calm lake.
Hike Leigh Lake

Take an easy day or overnight hike to Leigh Lake.

A view of a small lake surrounded by vegetation
Hike to Bearpaw and Trapper Lakes

Hike along the forested shorelines of String and Leigh Lake to reach Bearpaw and Trapper Lake.

An alpine lake situated beneath rocky mountain peaks
Hike to Holly Lake

Head deep within Paintbrush Canyon to arrive at a spectacular alpine lake.

A hiker walks up a trail in a mountain canyon.
Hike the Paintbrush-Cascade Loop

Loop through Paintbrush and Cascade Canyons on this very strenuous day or overnight loop hike.

A black bear stands in a bush
Black bears are common around String and Leigh Lakes.

NPS Photo/C. Adams

Bear and Wildlife Safety

Do you know what to do when encountering a wild animal? String and Leigh Lakes are home to black bears, moose, deer, and other large animals. Bears are often seen on trails and in the developed areas. Being prepared for an animal encounter can help ensure the safety of you and the wildlife.

When picnicking at String and Leigh Lakes, always stay with your food and make sure it's easily packable. Store food in bear boxes when done.

Learn more about how to stay safe in bear country.

Safety tip: never approach a wild animal. Always maintain a distance of at least 100yds/91m from bears and 25yds/23m from other wildlife.

Additional String and Leigh Lakes Information

A lake and mountain as seen from the perspective of a kayaker
Boating and Floating

Paddle on Jenny, String, or Leigh Lake.

Mountains reflected in an alpine lake.
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Tent in campground
Find A Campground

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A log cabin with chairs on the porch.

Explore lodging options in Grand Teton.

Mountains across a calm lake.
Explore Jenny Lake

Plan your visit to Jenny Lake.

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Last updated: August 23, 2023

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