Scenic Drives

A road headed towards mountains with bright clouds behind them.
The Teton Park Road offers stunning views of the Teton Range.

NPS Photo/J. Bonney


Driving through Grand Teton National Park offers stunning views of the Teton Range, along with the oppotunity to view wildlife. Many turnouts along park roads offer exhibits on park geology, wildlife, and plants. Turnouts also provide safe places to enjoy scenic views, view wildlife, and take photographs. Do not stop in the middle of the road to view wildlife.

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Drive Safely
Watch for large animals on the road. Drive slowly at night. The speed limit on US Highway 26/89/191 is 45 mph from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. Elk, bison, mule deer, and pronghorn frequently migrate at night and may be difficult to see. Moose use roads as travel corridors. Hitting a large animal at highway speeds has resulted in fatal accidents. Always wear your seatbelt when driving in the park. Careful driving protects you and the wildlife.


Scenic Drives in Grand Teton

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    Last updated: July 3, 2024

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