Recycle under the Range

Tin cans form an image of the Teton Range. Tin cans form an image of the Teton Range.

Left image
Tin cans form an image of the Teton Range.
Credit: NPS/Verdin

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The Teton Range at sunrise.
Credit: NPS/Adams


Sustainable Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park is a committed environmental leader within the National Park Service. At the heart of Grand Teton's efforts are initiatives that promote sustainable operations in the park. From education and outreach projects to encourage recycling among visitors and park employees, to partnerships with concessionaires and our gateway community that increase waste diversion from landfills, Grand Teton aims to make 'going green' a cultural shift throughout our community and the National Park Service.

Zero Landfill Initiative
Zero Landfill Initiative

Explore Grand Teton's efforts to become zero waste with Subaru and NPCA's Zero Landfill Initiative.

Green Your Visit
Green Your Visit

Make your trip to Grand Teton as sustainable as possible!

Compost Pilot
Compost Pilot

Learn about Grand Teton's ongoing composting pilot program.


Find out where and how to recycle in Grand Teton.

Green Partners
Green Partners

Discover Grand Teton's partners in sustainable initiatives.

Sustainable Solutions Grand Teton National Park At Grand Teton, we are working to divert 60% of our waste from the landfill by 2030 as part of the Zero Landfill Initiative. There are so many ways to help! 1.	Recycle Right Grand Teton has a source-separate

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Last updated: October 30, 2019

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