Compost Pilot


Composting and Waste Diversion Pilot

One of the most exciting projects developed from the Zero Landfill Initiative is a pilot compost program between Teton County, Signal Mountain Lodge, and the Grand Teton Lodge Company. Beginning in 2017, the pilot program gathered food waste from 7 different locations within the park, transporting it to a composting facility in Gallatin County, Montana. The pilot was instrumental in identifying best practices for compostable waste collection, storage, and transportation, that will prepare Grand Teton for the opening of Teton County's own compost facility in 2021. Since 40% of the park's waste is compostable food waste, this is an incredible opportunity to divert almost 1,096 tons annually from Grand Teton's waste stream, getting us one step closer to zero waste.

Last updated: May 29, 2018

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