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Gold cottonwood trees, dunes, and snow-capped mountain
This photo of gold cottonwood trees, dunes, and fresh snow on Cleveland Peak shows the natural diversity of the park and preserve.

NPS/Patrick Myers

Great Sand Dunes Flickr Page

View high-resolution photos of the park on our Flickr page. These include the best National Park Service images of the park and preserve, and are available for free to download in a variety of sizes, from full size to powerpoint to web size. Maximum-resolution .tif versions of all these images, images on this website, and many other images, are available by request. Please contact our media coordinator at 719-378-6343, or send an email. All NPS images are public domain, and may be used for any private, public, or press use. Please credit in the standard NPS format: NPS/Photographer Name.

Sandboarding Girl
Image from the Great Sand Dunes video on sandboarding and sand sledding, available on our YouTube channel.

NPS/Patrick Myers

Great Sand Dunes YouTube Channel

Visit our YouTube Channel for a variety of captioned videos.

Last updated: February 8, 2021

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