Live History. Celebrate Heritage.

Travel into the past to discover the present. Explore the partnership between the Grand Portage Anishinaabe and the North West Company during the North American fur trade. Experience the sights and smells of a bustling depot reconstructed in its historic location. See how it shaped co-management with the NPS today. Follow pathways to the past to imagine a drum echo over Gichigami - Lake Superior.

Two people with two dogs on leash, standing in front of a historic structure.
Pets at the Monument

Leashed pets are welcome in several areas.

A sepia colored photo of a man in historic clothing, holding a clipboard.
Plan Your Visit

Things to know to help plan your visit to Grand Portage National Monument.

Many people on a lawn in front of a historic building.
Top 10 Tips for Visiting Grand Portage

Planning a visit to the monument? Plan like a ranger with these tips.

Snow on rooftops.
Now That Summer Has Ended: An Exhibit

Learn about winter during the fur trade era - ways people work, survive, and enjoy their days: opening in March - October 31, 2023

Two Ojibwe people paddling a birchbark canoe.
Watch Our Park Films

These films tell stories of Anishinaabe history and culture from the fur trade to the present, including use of the Grand Portage trail.

People in historic clothing tossing a loaf of bread.
Things To Do

What can you do at Grand Portage? Visit the Depot, hike a trail, see the park film, be a Junior Ranger...

River running through a forest.
Backcountry Camping at Fort Charlotte

Two remote backcountry campsites allow groups of nine. Obtain your free permit online at least two weeks in advance.

Uniformed NPS ranger with right hand raised facing a child in blue clothes with right hand raised.
Be a Junior Ranger!

Junior Rangers have fun discovering history, while learning about why we need to protect the special treasures found in our National Parks.

A map of the upper part of North America with a red path showing the fur trade route.
History & Culture

Native technology and the cultural exchange that took place here during the fur trade led to exploration and mapping the continent.

A person with a traditional drum.
Our Park Stories

Stories from people who work at Grand Portage National Monument.

A crayon-colored line drawing of a black bear mother holding a cub.
Coloring Pages

Interpretive coloring pages to download. Check back periodically for more images.

A birchbark wigwam and canoe with other tradition Anishinaabe items.
Let's Speak Anishinaabemowin!

Tips for pronunciation and a list of local words in Anishinaabemowin with English.

Last updated: September 21, 2023

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