Virtual Grand Canyon GeoFest 2020

Looking down into a rocky inner canyon gorge with a green river at the bottom. text reads: 'Virtual Grand Canyon GeoFest - October 11-17, 2020. Celebrating Earth Science Week and National Fossil Day!

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Video programs will premier on Facebook during Earth Science Week - October 11-17, 2020

  • Evening Programs will be presented between 5 - 7:30 pm Arizona Time (Pacific Daylight Time)
  • During each premiere, geologists will be present in a live chat to answer any questions you may have.
  • If you miss a premiere, the video will continue to be available at the displayed link.

Event Sponsors: Grand Canyon National Park, University of New Mexico, National Science Foundation

Premiere: Sunday October 11, 5-7 pm (PDT)
Theme - Welcome & Overview

Park Welcome and GeoFest Introduction
“A GeoGlimpse” by Joel Kane, Grand Canyon National Park Ranger/Interpreter
“The Trail of Time Exhibit at Grand Canyon: there and back again” by Karl Karlstrom and Laura Crossey, University of New Mexico
“GeoPerspectives & Discussion” by Convenor Panel

Premiere: Monday October 12, 5-7 pm (PDT)
Theme - Three Sets of Rocks

“Grand Canyon's Vishnu Basement Rocks” by Karl Karlstrom, University of New Mexico
“The Unkar Group of Grand Canyon - A Billion Year Old Glimpse” by Mike Timmons, New Mexico Bureau of Geology
“The Chuar Group - Time leading into Snowball Earth” by Carol Dehler, Utah State University
“Ancient Landscapes: The Paleozoic Rocks of the Grand Canyon Region” by Ron Blakey, Colorado Plateau Geosystems

Premiere: Tuesday October 13, 5-7 pm (PDT)
Theme - Unconformities/Missing Time

“Making Sense of the Supergroup” by Wayne Ranney, Flagstaff
“Grand Canyon’s Great Unconformities” by Karl Karlstrom, University of New Mexico
“The Mother of all Floods – The Tonto Group” by James Hagadorn, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
“Detrital Zircons from Grand Canyon Strata - An Incredible Journey!” by George Gehrels, University of Arizona

Premiere: Wednesday October 14, 10 am (PDT)
Theme - Paleontology

Join a ranger-led virtual visit to a 270-million-year-old marine fossil bed:

Premiere: Wednesday, October 14, 12 pm (PDT)
Theme - Paleontology

A behind-the-scenes look within the park’s Museum Collection to examine Ice Age fossils and trilobites.

Premiere: Wednesday October 14, 5-7 pm (PDT)
Theme - Paleontology

“The Oldest Fossils in Grand Canyon" by Susannah Porter, University of California Santa Barbara
“Clues to Change – Fossils and Minerals” by James Hagadorn: Denver Museum of Nature and Science
“The Oldest Vertebrate Footprints in Grand Canyon” by Steve Rowland, University of Nevada Las Vegas
“Paleozoic Fossils of Grand Canyon” by Anne Miller, Grand Canyon National Park

Premiere: Thursday October 15, 5-7 pm (PDT)
Theme - Telling Time

“As Time Goes By - The Numeric Ages of Grand Canyon Rocks” by Carl Bowman, Retired, Grand Canyon National Park
“Deep Time and U-Pb dating of Zircons- How We Do It” by Mark Schmitz, Boise State University
“It's About Time - Contributions of Geochronology Towards the Understanding of the Grand Canyon” by Matt Heizler, New Mexico Bureau of Geology
“(U-Th)/He Thermochronology and Applications in Tectonics” by Willi Guenthner, University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana

Premiere: Friday October 16, 5-7 pm (PDT)
Theme - Grand Canyon Landscapes Through Time

“A Brief History of Ideas on the Carving of the Grand Canyon” by Wayne Ranney, Flagstaff
“Landscape Evolution: Reversing the Rivers” by Dick Young, State University of New York at Geneseo
“Hot Stuff: Volcanism and Lava Dams of Western Grand Canyon” by Karl Karlstrom, University of New Mexico
“Age and Carving of Grand Canyon” by Karl Karlstrom, University of New Mexico

Premiere: Saturday October 17, 5-7 pm (PDT)
Theme - A ‘Grand’ Finale

“Place-Based Education and Interpretation at Grand Canyon” by Steve Semken, Arizona State University
“Grand Canyon Springs and Travertines - What They Reveal About Groundwater” by Laura Crossey, University of New Mexico
“Protecting Grand Canyon's Water Supply and Backcountry Water Sources” by Abe Springer, Northern Arizona University
“Epilogue, Acknowledgements & Discussion” by Convenor Panel

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