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The Grand Canyon National Park Museum Collection
The Collection preserves reports, archives and objects for research and exhibit purposes in order to document the area's unique cultural and natural history. More...

The Grand Canyon National Park Research Library
The library contains a comprehensive collection about Grand Canyon and related subjects, including books, periodicals, government documents, reports, pamphlets, DVDs, CDs and videos. More...


A Bibliography of the Grand Canyon and Lower Colorado River
A comprehensive bibliography compiled and edited by Earle E. Spamer for the Grand Canyon Association. Visit their site at:

Investigators Annual Report (IAR)
The Investigator's Annual Report is the process and database the National Park Service uses to document and track research accomplishments pertaining to natural resource and social science studies. To search for information about ongoing and completed research projects, go to: To submit an IAR go to:

File Your Annual Report
If you already have a National Park Service Research and Collecting Permit and need to file your annual report, go to: Passwords are required. Contact the Park's Research Coordinator if you need more information.

On-line Publications
Additional information on selected Grand Canyon topics can be found at:

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