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Grand Canyon's unique and varied resources have attracted scientists for more than 100 years. Much of what we know about the park's historical, biological and physical resources has been learned through past research. Yet, much still remains to be discovered.

Forty to fifty research projects begin in Grand Canyon National Park each year. National Park Service staff lead some of these projects, but many more are proposed and led by scientists connected with other institutions. Some studies are designed to provide information for managing the park's resources and visitor services, but other studies delve into a wide range of subjects: geology, paleontology, ecology and archaeology to name a few.

The park's Research Office was established to facilitate communication between scientists, educators, and park managers. The Research Office works with park managers to identify research priorities and to seek appropriate means of accomplishing high priority projects. We can also provide information about ongoing studies, and about opportunities for conducting new research.

The most commonly requested information about permits, funding sources, current and past projects is included in files and links connected to these pages. Feel free to contact the Research Office directly if the information we've provided does not answer your questions about research in Grand Canyon National Park.

For more information contact:

Grand Canyon National Park
Research Coordinator
(928) 226-0163
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Grand Canyon National Park
Research Coordinator
823 N San Francisco Street
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Grand Canyon National Park Science Information Needs
(177kb PDF File) This document represents a prioritized list of topics recommended for future scientific study in Grand Canyon National Park.

Research Guidelines (344kb PDF File) provide information on all aspects of research permitting in Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon National Park Research Library Information.

Last updated: April 10, 2017

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