Grand Canyon National Park Linking Policy

Grand Canyon National Park follows the guidelines listed in

  • Director’s Order 70: Internet and Intranet Publishing
  • Draft Director’s Order 11C: Web Publishing
  • National Park Service Internet/Intranet Publications Manual
  • Department of the Interior Web Standards Handbook (386 DM 3)

General Rules

Linking to servers outside the National Park Service ( will be permitted only when there is a direct relationship between the originating material and the material located on the external server.

The following links are permitted from

  • Links to a park’s cooperating association
  • Links to educational institutions
  • Links to other government agencies
  • Links to state or local chambers of commerce
  • Links to city, county, or state tourism office web sites
  • Links to an official concessionaire, the concession page must have a direct relationship to the concession facilities in the park (or parks, in the case of multi-concession contracts)

The following links are not permitted from

  • Links to commercial/corporate sites for which there is no official direct relationship

    EXCEPTION: Links to commercial/corporate or nonprofit sites are allowed under an approved fundraising relationship, or in acceptance of a donation, as described in Director's Order 21: Donations and Fundraising. Written agreements should include specific language regarding links that appear on National Park Service websites. Links to commercial/corporate or nonprofit sites must refer to material relevant to the subject on the page where the link appears.


The use of logos for commercial products or non-National Park Service organizations (with the exception of federal, state, and local government logos) is NOT permitted on National Park Service internet sites unless an approved fundraising relationship or formal acceptance of a donation is in place, as described in Director's Order 21: Donations and Fundraising. Fundraising agreements must include specific language addressing the use of corporate logos to be posted on National Park Service hosted websites.

Reciprocal Links

We link to other websites according to our linking policy. We do not engage in reciprocal linking. We invite any website to link to us. You may link to us at no cost and without special permission.


We will not link to any web site that exhibits hate, bias, or discrimination. We reserve the right to deny or remove any link that contains misleading information or unsubstantiated claims, or is determined to conflict with the Department of the Interior and/or the National Park Service’s mission or policies.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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