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Although the Grand Canyon is known around the world for its vast vistas, beautiful colors, and incredible geology, it's a lot more than just a big hole in the ground! People have been living in and exploring Grand Canyon for thousands of years, forging human connections to this incredible landscape.

As part of the mission of the National Park Service, Grand Canyon National Park also protects and preserves all of the human history and culture found within the park. From archeological sites which preserve ancient Native American structures and artifacts, to stories about exploration and the settlement of this region by European American explorers, miners, and pioneers, to more recent stories about conserving and protecting Grand Canyon as a national park.

This incredible place tells innumerable stories left by the many different people who have tread here in the past.

The grand canyon at sunset.
Interpretive Themes

Interpretive themes are the key stories or concepts that visitors should understand after visiting Grand Canyon.

A cemetery gate.

Passing through or calling the canyon home, many people have influenced the development and protection of Grand Canyon.

Two people sitting at a picnic table with a stone building in the background.

Many places in Grand Canyon have been preserved because they tell the stories of Grand Canyon's past and present.

A Havasupai woven basket.

Museum Collection has over 900,000 objects that help tell Grand Canyon's unique cultural and natural history.

Walhalla Ruin

Grand Canyon National Park works to preserve, protect and interpret the human history of the region.

Images of Nampeyo, CCC members, Pauline Patraw Mead, and George Murakami.
Whose Story Is History?

Bringing the Diverse History of Grand Canyon into the Light

Painting of Grand Canyon with text that reads 1919-2019 Grand Canyon National Park Centennial
Grand Canyon Centennial Stories

Explore the Grand Canyon Centennial Stories

Banner image linking to ASU Nature, Culture and History at the Grand Canyon shows Grand Canyon scenic view with superimposed letters: ASU Nature, Culture and History at the Grand Canyon
The "Nature, Culture and History at Grand Canyon" website is the park's primary source of historical and cultural information, Click on the photo above to visit site.

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