If I Could Sing Like A Canyon Wren

September 09, 2016 Posted by: George Jacobi
right side profile of canyon wren sitting on cliff rose branch.

If I had the nose of a Pinyon Pine
And clouds I could retrain,
I'd teach one how to follow me -
One redolent with rain.

If I could hear like a mountain lake,
Would a meteor make a sound?
After it plunges, dead in the dark,
Does a ripple spread around?

If I grow skin like thistle down
Dare I feel a trembling touch?
When Monarch wings beat near to me,
Might it be too much?

If I could see like a slab of stone
on the Coconino wall,
I'd know my future clearly;
Must I be content to fall?

If I could sing like a Canyon Wren
in the shade of a varnished stone,
Should I let the stillness here abide -
Leave well enough alone?

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This blog is meant to encourage awareness and thoughtfulness about the Grand Canyon, one of our most precious resources. It is not merely a story of what happens or has happened here, not a cookbook for what you should make of it yourself, but more an example of the many-faceted inspiration the Canyon nurtures in an artist, perhaps in you. Indeed, inspiration may be the Canyon's greatest resource. These words are sincere, my own take on this world, deliberately non-academic and directed toward users of social media. In no way does it represent the policies or opinions of the National Park Service, although it is done under the auspices of that entity, but is offered in gratitude, with my respect and admiration for these soldiers of conservation. George H. Jacobi 2016

Last updated: September 9, 2016

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