Green Buildings


Green buildings are constructed with special consideration to environmentally friendly practices starting at construction and continuing to operation and maintenance. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED is a program that certifies different levels of green buildings. Golden Gate National Recreation Area has several LEED certified buildings.

Land's end lookout, a one-story concrete, steel, and wooden building

Kirk Wrench, NPS, 2012

Land's End Lookout

The Land's End Lookout is a LEED Platinum certified building. To decrease the wasteful consumption of new materials, the building was made from concrete and steel that contained recycled content. The concrete was made from materials supplied by local quarries, reducing the use of fossil fuels needed to transport the raw materials. The attractive east end of the building is made from reclaimed redwood. Over three quarters of the construction waste was diverted from landfills while building.
three multistory buildings with many glass windows. Crissy Field Center.

Kirk Wrench, NPS

Crissy Field Center

The Crissy Field Center is LEED Platinum certified. Some features include maximized natural lighting, recycled construction materials, and a rain catchment system. Wind turbines and solar panels move the Crissy Field Center to net-zero power consumption. This smart building won California Construction's Best of 2010 Green Building Award for its design and function.
Cavallo Point Lodge at Fort Baker

NPS, 2010

Cavallo Point Lodge

The Cavallo Point Lodge at Fort Baker is LEED Gold certified. Reclaimed wood was repurposed to construct many of the Lodge's furniture pieces. Building insulation was made from recycled denim, eliminating waste destined for landfills. Bamboo and other renewable resources were used in the cabinetry in many rooms. The Lodge also uses environmentally friendly paints and carpets to minimize indoor pollutants and harmful chemicals found in conventional products.
Presidio visitor's center grand opening

Will Elder, NPS

Presidio Visitor's Center

The Presidio Visitor Center is housed in a refurbished historic (circa 1900) guardhouse in the heart of the Presidio with views overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. It was LEED Silver certified in February 2017, making it the newest edition to our LEED certified buildings.

Last updated: August 8, 2019

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