Learn more about Golden Gate’s various themes and stories.

colorful buildings along street

The Panama-Pacific International Exposition

Learn how San Francisco hosted the 1915 World's Fair.

Civil War soldier on Alcatraz overlooking San Francisco Bay

The Civil War at Golden Gate

Learn about the park's many Civil War military posts that the Union Army built to protect the San Francisco Bay from enemy invasion.

photo of Native Americans on occupied Alcatraz

Alcatraz Occupation

Learn how in 1969, a group of American Indians occupied Alcatraz to highlight their protest against the government's policies.

photo of the shipping berths at the San Francisco Port of Embarkation

San Francisco Port of Embarkation

Learn how the San Francisco Port of Embarkation, designated as a National Historic Landmark, functioned as the U.S. Army's largest shipping center for the Pacific Theater.

photo of Battery San Jose

Defending San Francisco Bay

Learn how first Spain, then Mexico and then the United States fortified the Bay against enemy invasion.

People for A Golden Gate National Recreation Area leading public tours in the early 1970s

Creation of Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Learn about the social, environmental and political forces that helped create this park.

farming family in field

Marin Headlands Agriculture

Learn about the history of this abundant penisula and the significant people who shaped the landscape.

visitors reading the UN plaque at Muir Woods

The UN Memorial at Muir Woods

Learn about the 1945 memorial service for President Roosevelt held at Muir Woods.

Buffalo soldiers on horseback in Yosemite

Buffalo Soldiers in the Park

Learn how African American Infantry and Cavalry troops protected California's National Parks during the early 1900's.

State Belt Railroad train

The State Belt Railroad

Learn how this state-operated railroad played a signficant role in the development of the Panama Pacific International Exposition and the Presidio.

belgium pistols

The Broderick-Terry Duel

Learn how this 1859 duel played a role in the Civil War and how Fort Mason was home to San Francisco's anti-slavery movement.

runner on the Dipsea Race trail

The Dipsea Race

Learn about the historic footrace that crosses through the park.


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