Two Hundred and Eighty Seven Days: November

San Francisco Day Crowd.


San Francisco Day was November 2nd. The Exposition was to throw herself, the host city, the greatest celebration of the entire year. A goal was set for 300,000 in attendance and every step was taken to ensure its accomplishment. The Governor of California declared it to be a legal holiday for the state. Schools across the bay were to close, businesses shutter, community groups sold tickets in advance, households were encouraged to give their servants the day off and a giant sign was posted on Yerba Buena Island for every passerby upon a ferry to see. The Expo’s hopes came to fruition, for on San Francisco Day, the turn out topped the 300,000 goal and totaled approximately seventy percent of the city’s population. It was the second greatest turnout of the expo season.

P.P.I.E Party Bus headed to the Expo.


November 1st started Agriculture Week. The festivities included: cattle, pig, sheep and goat shows, Agricultural Implement Day, Food Products Club Day, Silo Day and an apple contest. Philippine Day was held November 4th. Art Smith returned from a leave of absence on November 8th.

On November 9th, a San Francisco and California favorite, Lotta Crabtree, made her final public appearance, at the Exposition. Performances designed to recall her past escapades were conducted in Festival Hall. Afterwards, folks were able to approach the stage to speak to her. Unfortunately, as can be the case in such situations, excitement overtook the crowd and they mounted the stage. For her own safety, Lotta had to be removed quickly from the surging mass.


With just under a month left, the Exposition seemed to winding down. The Expo bid a fond farewell to the Liberty Bell, which was given a ceremonial send off November 10th and began the long trip back to Philadelphia the next day. The Chicken and Pigeon Show ran on November 18th. It was the in the world. California Day was held in the California Building Gardens and featured a Redwood tree planting, on November 20th. The impending finale of the Exposition was made all to real for all her fans when the Closing Day Program was released. Those who wanted to save the Expo(or any piece they could) began in earnest to organize groups dedicated towards this aim. It seemed a shame that San Francisco’s triumph would be torn down and sold to the highest bidder. The Marines, a mainstay of the Exposition, took their leave on November 25th, Thanksgiving Day.


On November 29th, the Exposition President and Directors threw a dinner for 500 members of the Exposition family. They represented all those that contributed to the success of the year. November was the last full month of the Expo with only three days left until the Final Act on December 4th.

Crowds gather across from the entry gates.


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