Two Hundred and Eighty Seven Days: June

ppie view from hill
View of PPIE.


June opened with a flurry of events all leading up to the fifth, which was to be a packed day. From the first to the fourth: Baptist Day, Alameda City Day, International Conference of Women Workers to Promote Peace Day, American Library Association Day and Commonwealth Club of California Day kept the Exposition goers interested and educated.

June 5th was a historic Day for Denmark as the vote was given to all men and women. This event coincided (probably by no coincidence) with the beginning of Denmark week at the Expo. The opening ceremonies included a parade, speeches and a production of the Danish play “Elveroj”.


A very important man in Horticultural history was celebrated on the fifth. Mr. Luther Burbank received a plaque on the day bearing his name. The plaque commemorated the fortieth anniversary of his arrival in the area and all of the great steps in plant hybridization. Mr. Burbank traveled from his home and garden in Santa Rosa to the Exposition for his day where he handed out thousands of packets of his seeds to the visitors at the reception held in the Palace of Horticulture.

Canoes paddle around the Palace of Fine Arts.


The transition of human air travel from old-to-new was showcased on June 9th when four old gas balloons attempted a race at the Exposition. Of the four balloons, only two managed any sort of travel. Two were torn apart by the wind before take off and on was dragged into the waters off the Marina Green. Once repaired, two of the balloons made it seventy-five and one hundred and thirteen miles respectively. Records were set for elevation achieved(28,900 feet) and parachuting(14,200 feet).

June 11th and 12th were dedicated to the celebration of the Sweet Pea. However, it was Hawaiian night that stole the show on June 11th. Set against the Palace of Fine Arts, out rigger canoes were piloted about the lagoon as songs were sung. The canoes paddled to the Palace Rotunda and fireworks lit up the night sky and were magnified by the reflection on the water.

Liberal Arts Building
Palace of Liberal Arts


Free Masons were out in force on June 26th to celebrate Masonic Day. They held ceremonies and a ball in the California building. Art Smith flew his aeroplane to skywrite the square and compass above the proceedings.

Liberal Arts Day was held in the Palace of Liberal Arts on June 29th. The day’s events included many speeches, band performances, and fireworks. The month concluded with a celebration of female pioneers. A statue, titled “Pioneer Mother”, was unveiled by the grandson of Mrs. Phoebe A. Hearst, whom was instrumental in acquiring the tribute.


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