Seeds to Flowers

Grade 2

Service Learning at the Native Plant Nurseries.
This program is full for the 2016-2017 year.

Seedlings from the nursery
Seedlings from the nursery

Seeds to Flowers calls young stewards to service at Golden Gate National Parks' native plant nurseries. Here is a special opportunity for your students to partake in Service Learning activities side-by-side with National Park Service staff at the Presidio or Fort Funston or the Marin Headlands. Stewardship activities vary with season and nursery needs, but might include planting, spreading woodchips, weeding, and pot-washing. Students will learn about the plant life cycle as they tour the native plant nurseries where we grow plants for park restoration. They deepen their sense of their natural surroundings as they peek into microscopes, step into the mist house, and study the gardens. A fun and meaningful experience to engage your class in nature and service.

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