Commercial Use Authorization

The Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) permit program authorizes businesses to provide certain commercial services not typically provided by the concessioners within the boundaries of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Commercial Use Authorizations are two-year permits granted through the Business Management Office. Specific requirements for certifications and insurance must be met and maintained for the duration of the CUA.

At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, the following CUAs available are (click titles for detailed CUA Holder lists):

Guided Services
Guided Fishing on the Colorado River
Guided Fishing on Lake Powell
Guided Hiking Service
Guided Hiking Service w/ Canyoneering
Guided Hiking Service w/ Packstock
Guided Hunting Service
Guided Kayak/Canoe Service
Guided Land Tour Service
Standup Paddleboard Instruction
Waterski/Wakeboard Instruction
Guided SCUBA Diving & Instruction

Photography Workshop - Land Based
Photography Workshop - Water Based

Vessel Services
Vessel Caretaking Service
Vessel Launch and Retrieval Service
Vessel Minor Repair Service
Marine Salvage

These types of commercial services are not offered through the CUA Program or authorized under any other permit from Glen Canyon National Recreation Area:

  • Vessel Piloting Services (Pilot for hire of personal vessels or rental vessels)
  • Commercial Boat Tours, to include, but not limited to, private boat charters and photography boat tours
  • Delivery or pick-up of any out-of-park rentals, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • RVs
    • Houseboats
    • Any type of boat (fishing boat, pontoon, ski boat, etc.)
    • Personal Watercraft (Jetskiis, SeaDoos, etc.)
    • Kayaks
    • Paddleboards
    • Camping Equipment or 'Drop Camps'

The first step in obtaining a CUA is the submission of a CUA application request form (pdf file). For more information, please contact the Commercial Use Authorizations Coordinator at 928-608-6325.


Program Changes For 2016:

There have been some program changes to the Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) Application process. There is no longer an "Open Season" for applying for a CUA. You are able to submit a CUA Application Request form throughout the calendar year."


Beginning in calendar year 2016, Photography Instruction Workshops will no longer be issued/granted through a Special Use Permit. All Photography Instruction Workshops will require the instructor/ business owner to obtain a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) Permit to provide this type of service/ instruction within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Please contact the CUA Coordinator for further details at 928-608-6325.

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