Wildlife of Glacier Bay

The ocean and land environments in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve are closely intertwined. Marine waters make up nearly one fifth of the park and no point of land is more than 30 miles from the coast. This means that the lives of virtually all the animals at Glacier Bay are tied to its productive marine waters or the biologically rich shorelines.

Bears at Glacier Bay
Bears at Glacier Bay

Biology, distribution, diet, safety, identification, photo gallery.

an orca spy hops out of the water
Wildlife Viewing Calendar

Visiting the park in the summer? Spring? Fall? Find out what wildlife to look out for.

stellar sea lion
Hear the Voices of Glacier Bay

Crashing glaciers, bellowing sea lions, whispering rain, and singing seabirds...enjoy the amazing natural sounds of Glacier Bay!

Giants of the Bay
Giants of the Bay

Glacier Bay's rich waters are important summer feeding grounds for humpbacks

Mountain goat jumps across a cliff
Mammals By Sea and By Land

Can you find these more frequently seen mammals?

Over 280 species have been recorded here!
Glacier Bay Birds

Over 280 species have been recorded here!

Harbor Seals love Glacier Bay
Blubber on Ice

Harbor Seals love Glacier Bay.

Salmon swimming under water

Vital to the marine food web, many species of fish inhabit park waters.

Glacier Bay Photo Galleries
Glacier Bay Photo Galleries

Glacier Bay is a photographer's delight. Enjoy our photo galleries, and consider sharing some of your favorite shots.

Learn more about about animals through the Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series and the Gustavus Wildlife Viewing Guide.

Last updated: March 19, 2018

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