Riddle Me This

Rangers searching for wildlife
Can you identify these three animals that live in Glacier Bay?

Who am I?
  • I begin and end my life in a river, but spend the majority of my time in the ocean.
  • eat small fish and bugs.
  • Some of my nicknames include: humpy, red, silver, king, and dog.
Who am I?_______________________________________
  • I drink both the nectar of flowers and blood.
  • I like stagnant pools of water best.
  • There are more of me in the arctic than anywhere else in the world.
  • When I bite you, my saliva makes you itch.
Who am I? _______________________________________
  • I am a small member of the gull family.
  • My wing tips look like they are dipped in black ink.
  • I like to fish near where glaciers calve and meltwater streams meet the sea.
  • In Glacier Bay, I nest in large colonies on cliffs near the Margerie Glacier.
Who am I? _______________________________________

Last updated: March 10, 2017

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