Take Your Math Outside

researchers and equipment on an island in Glacier Bay
Researchers Michelle Fournet (middle) and Leanna Matthews (seated) use basic trigonometry to study humpback whales and harbor seals in Glacier Bay National Park.

NPS Photo by Kaytie Boomer

Teachers, want to share real-life math applications with your students? Inspire budding scientists, mathemeticians, and lovers of the outdoors? Share this video and worksheet with your students.

This video and worksheet explores how two scientists conduct research at Glacier Bay National Park and how they use math to help them undersand their observations. Leanna Matthews shares how she studies harbor seals and Michelle Fournet dives into humpback whale research. The 18-minute video provides an overview of their research in Glacier Bay, a glimpse into their field camp on Strawberry Island, and an explanation of the tools and math they use to conduct their research. After watching the video, have your students complete the worksheet.

Take Your Math Outside Video

The accomanpanying Take Your Math Outside worksheet is below in jpeg form. Please email glba_education@nps.gov for the answer key.


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Last updated: March 23, 2018

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