Middle School Scientists: Underwater Acoustics

Studying underwater sound in Glacier Bay
Studying underwater sound in Glacier Bay
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Research is easier than you might think! We are all researchers. Every time we ask a question, we gather information to help make good decisions. Come find out how Glacier Bay researchers are making good decisions for your national park with the following curriculum. Enjoy!

Researchers at Glacier Bay study natural, historical, geological, and cultural resources, in order to make well informed management decisions based on solid data. The Middle School Scientists Project was designed to help teachers and students learn and appreciate the value and importance of this research and how it helps fulfill the NPS Mission.


Underwater Acoustics Curriculum
There are three great lesson plans to share with your students:

  1. The World of Underwater Sound
  2. Echolocation in Action
  3. On The Trail of a Whale

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Find out more about acoustic monitoring in Glacier Bay
Frequently asked questions, sound clips, and more!


Last updated: February 27, 2019

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