Whales In Their Front Yard

August 17, 2015 Posted by: Chris Gabriele

The research team at Strawberry Island observed and enjoyed daily "drive-bys" of humpback whales feeding very close to shore.  For two months in summer 2015, team made visual observations of whale behavior that will be paired with underwater sound recordings to learn more about how humpback whales and harbor seals use underwater sound in their daily life.

Read their individual web journals about whales, seals, oystercatchers, bears, camp life and more  at: https://mfournet.wordpress.com/   Try not to be too envious!  

The underwater acoustic recorders will still be listening in Beardslee Entrance until we retrieve them in October 2015.  This is a two year field study, with data collection to be continued in spring 2016.

We'll keep you posted on the study's results as they become available.

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  1. August 18, 2015 at 03:44

    What a great photo! Based on the unique shape of this whale's dorsal fin, I am nearly certain this is adult female #1302. This is a whale that we see regularly in Glacier Bay during the park's humpback whale monitoring surveys. We have been tracking #1302 since she was a calf in 1992, which makes her 23 years old this year! So far, she has had four calves that we know of, but she does not have a calf this year. That must have been fun to see her so close to shore!

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