Whale 68 Is On The Move - By Land

October 22, 2012 Posted by: K. VandenBerg

Trail of the Whale

Whale 68 is on the road again!  Dan and Snow arrived in Bellingham, WA via Alaska Marine Highway on Friday, October 19th.  He said, "The trip was smooth, though wet - rain and fog. We did have orca, humpback, white-sided dolphin and albatross sightings. Not bad for a rainy boat ride."

An early morning arrival gave them a good start to begin their journey east - they traveled 550 miles to Missoula, MT.  The next two days were spent coaxing the U-Haul truck up and over the Continental Divide - driving a total of 1450 miles to Madison, WI.  Presently, Dan is almost home! 

When Snow arrives, her bones will be carefully unpacked and kept secure in the Whales and Nails workshop. Dan will begin the long process of cleaning, repairing, and replacing her bones for articulation and display.  His first priority will be to evaluate the broken skull and make recommendations for repair.  This will be the most time consuming repair that Dan will make and maybe one of the most important.  It will help the park tell the story of Snow's death and her legacy. 

 Stay tuned for more updates and photos as Dan begins Phase I of The Whale 68 Articulation Project from his Whales and Nails workshop!

Whale 68 is on the move from Alaska to Maine.



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