It's "Snow" Hard to Say Goodbye

October 01, 2012 Posted by: K. VandenBerg

Success!  Eleven years of hard work and perseverance pay off!  Snow's bones are finally on their way to Maine.  Looking back, the two days packing seemed easy compared to figuring out the travel logistics. It took Dan's crew some creative thinking and lots of research to find the most practical way to get a whale from Alaska to Maine!  How would YOU transport a huge humpback whale skeleton to YOUR house? They came up with a very creative itinerary: pack the bones in a U-Haul, ferry from Gustavus to Juneau, ferry from Juneau to Bellingham, then drive thousands of miles overland from the coast of Washington to the coast of Maine.  She should arrive sometime by mid-October.

Although Snow moved from one storage container to another, this mobile container will bring her bones closer to articulation and an interpretive display that will tell her story.

Once cleaning and repair begin, "Whale and Nails" will be sending weekly updates along with photo documentation.  We look forward to seeing the progress. Stay tuned!

Truck is Loaded for Web



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