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NPS Book Information

The NPS GIS Program is in the process of creating a new book about the use of GIS for park stewardship. The new book showcases NPS GIS with photos, maps, and descriptions of GIS analysis and tools. About 70 NPS authors have contributed materials for 12 different chapters. Here is a preview of the cover:

Book Cover


  • Dave Frederick - Colonial NHP
  • Steve Klingler - Western Artic National Parklands
  • Cathy Schwemm and Mike Kaberline - Channel Islands NP
  • Matthew Wilson - Intermountain Support Office
  • Mark Adams and John Portnoy - Cape Cod NS
  • Greg Daniels - Alaska Region
  • Ann Hebig - Devils Tower NM
  • Frank Partridge - Big Cypress National Preserve
  • Phoebe Vanselow and Lewis Sharman - Glacier Bay NP
Historic Preservation
  • Carl Drexler - Wilson's Creek NB
  • John Knoerl - National Center for Cultural Resources
  • Cheryl Sams - Northeast Region
  • Anne M. Wolley Vawser - Fort Smith NHS
  • Andrew Waggener - Salinas Pueblo Missions NM
Human Impacts
  • Allison Graves - National Park of American Samoa
  • Joni Piercy - Alaska Support Office
  • Bob Stobe - Alaska Support Office
Mapping Parklands
  • Tim Connors - Capitol Reef NP
  • Bill Eichenlaub - Glacier Bay NP
  • Thomas Fake - Kalaupapa NHP
  • Jess Grunblatt - Alaska Support Office
  • John Pinamont - Alaska Support Office
  • Dave Schirokauer - Point Reyes NS
Roads and Trails
  • Melanie Beck - Santa Monica Mountains NRA
  • Riley Hoggard - Gulf Islands NS
  • Richard Menicke - Glacier NP
  • Kerri Mich - Intermountain Support Office
Visitor Recreation
  • Riley Hoggard - Gulf Islands NS and and Jeffrey Reed - University of West Florida
  • Marie Frias Sauter - Chesapeake and Ohio Canal NHP
  • Larry Murphy - Submerged Resource Center
  • Marianna Young - Saint Croix/ Lower St. Criox NSR
Wildlife Management: National Park Service Use of GIS to Manage Habitat for Species
  • Brian Barns - Organ Pipe Cactus NM
  • Neal Darby - Great Basin NP
  • Dr. Donna J. Shaver (USGS) and Darrell Echols - Padre Island NS
  • Patrick Flaherty - Pinnacles NM
  • Seth P.D. Riley and Denise Kamradt - Santa Monica Mountains NRA

Read the technical articles in the book.

October 08, 2003