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Join us for online virtual programs at North America’s largest mausoleum. In celebration of Women’s History Month we will be presenting a virtual program on the First Ladies from 1860 -1880. Learn about Mary Lincoln, Eliza Johnson, Lucy Hayes and the First Lady we honor here at the General Grant National Memorial, Julia Grant.

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Black History Month Programs

General Grant National Memorial and the National Park Service Celebrates Black History Month in Febraury 2021 to honor the history of all African Americans, and connect the legacy of Ulysses S Grant to African American Civil Rights. In February of 2021, the park produced programs on the 15th Amendment, which Grant championed as a way to empower African American citizens to vote and hold office in government, and Richard T. Greener, who was instrumental in the creation of the Grant Monument that would become known as Grant's Tomb -- the central attraction here at General Grant National Memorial

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Enjoy these programs here produced by Ranger Jeff Stein:

Presidents' Day Weekend 2021

President Grant and First Lady Julia Grant speak with the American People in this three-part lving history programming. Learn more about the 1871 Address to Congress, Grant's Stories about his riding and racing horses, and the Grants answering questions from the people.

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